April 5, 2011

earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

Ooh the pretty little flowers and leaves are beginning to work their magic. What? You think I'm talking about appliques and handbags? I'm talking about my nose and eyes! They're responding quite nicely to all the sweet things currently involved in serious rebirth. How about your nose and eyes? Responding?

studio waterstone handbags

And no, that's not my earth shattering question - although it is quite life altering. I have two questions for you this week.

1) Do you like to change out your handbag with the seasons? (Or are you like me and switch it out bi-weekly because you have so many?)

2) Easter (spring break) plans? Does it involve a new handbag????

Okay, that's 1-2-3-4-5...6 questions. Pick one, pick six, just pick. :)


  1. LOL! We haven't had any rebirth yet but have been nice and sick...so I am sure as soon as we are better the rebirthing will start and there will be sneezing and running everywhere.

    I haven't changed my bag out for a while so spring should make me want to carry something lighter....maybe throw in some antihistamines just for fun!

  2. Looking forward to spring! Handbags - should be better about switching out, that would mean that they would be lighter! :) I do love that picture though.

  3. I am not good about changing out my bags. I usually don't think of it until I'm running out the door. Which is a shame since I have a closet full of purses. And spring break plans....my son is going down to FL so it'll just be me and the baby. Hoping I get to sleep in at least 1 day!

  4. Oh, I have to change it out for the seasons!!! Color and material are so important in these choices! ~Val

  5. I change out my bag(purse) almost as often as the wind changes.. i get bored with the same thing and have to change.

  6. We're just starting to get bits and pieces of rebirth now...my daffodils are coming up, and I'm seeing some signs of other bits of green. YAY!

    I tend to switch every two months or so, so not quite seasonally. I've recently inherited a hoard of bags from my sister, so right now I am changing with more frequency...and can't wait to add my new Waterstone bag into the mix!

    And Spring Break for my daughter has been canceled due to the ultra-mega-huge amounts of snow we received this year :(

  7. I've been know to switch out bags for different outfits. I have a week day bag, an evening bag and of course my weekend bag.

    I dont really go by the season, rather what my current inspiration is!

  8. Living in Phoenix, I think everything is starting to grow all at one time. AAARRRGGGGHHHH.

    I have had enough of sneezing and itchy eyes already. But on the other hand, my garden is really taking off.

    btw, my wife really loves the studded red cell phone case. I think I may have earned a brownie point or 2.

  9. While I confess that I do sometimes use a specific bag for a specific outfit depending on the occasion, I don't change by the season. Too much trouble, and I'm far too lazy :P

    And, nope, no exciting plans at all. heh

  10. I change my bag out whenever the mood is "changing" or I get or make a new one. I love changing purses. I'm not always so good about moving all my stuff from one to another and sometimes I "loose" stuff in the purse I changed from. I go from big to small and small to big purse often. Isn't it fun???


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