April 27, 2011

earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

studio waterstone

But first, mother lode part two. It didn't take long yesterday to pull out my all time favorite tool, the seam ripper, and begin deconstructing. The leather flowers on that belt had me drooling along with the chunky, distressed silver links. Three flowers accent my newest leather bag.

studio waterstone

Another bag is being made with one of the distressed leather jackets - sized XXL! I'm serious! It WAS the mother lode and I was in heaven. I'm not certain where this bag is headed but I do know that the recycled red zipper fits right in. Everybody loves a pop of red.

studio waterstone

Okay, now for the question...

What with the majority of the east coast under severe tornado warnings today through tomorrow this question begs to be asked.

To preface (I love to preface), we here in the Plyler household (translate = me) are fairly new to the deep south and literally panic during storm warnings. We have batteries, gas for the generator, and candles. We are nothing if not prepared. Native Georgians say, "meh" and go about their business. Ponder on this and tell me:

Aside from your family and pets,
what would you grab as you run to your safe place?

(yes, chocolate, beer, wine, seam rippers ARE allowed.)


  1. Well if I answer honestly just the family and animals - and the animals take a good 5 minutes....in my head provisions so they won't get cranky!

    Hobby Lobby has some similar ( not quite as awesome as yours ) leather flowers in their jewelry section - I saw them the other day and almost bought them! These look pretty yummy!

  2. Yeah Patty wanted to buy the flowers but I bought them all, lol.

    I would grab my purse, camera, laptop and phone(which are usually all in 1 bag anyway). Am I way to connected or what?
    Oh and the birth certificates.

  3. Camera, laptop, cellphone, and photo albums. Oh, and count your blessings, it was snowing here today! Yeuch!!! Come on SPRING!!

  4. Family and pets. That's it. Oh wait, maybe passports so when the house blows away we can move back to Melbourne, AU, where we never had tornadoes.

  5. the printers cabinet is coming with me, and as many beads as I can muster. Oh I shudder at the thought of this.

  6. seriously, necessary meds and water... weather radio... the computer tower...
    moderately seriously, beer and chocolate... an ipod and dock - music soothes and i have 3 beasties...
    stay safe...

  7. Definitely flashlights - your power is going out for sure. So only hand sewing or deconstruction time. Not so bad!

  8. Being another native Georgian, moved away but with huge amounts of family still there, my only advice is to please take this weather seriously, no matter what the old timers say, and have a plan! That's what I told my son on the phone yesterday, these are extreme storms. Not meaning to be a fraidy cat for you but I'm just sayin ...

  9. Nothing but my loved ones.

    But chocolate and wine would not be a bad idea.

    I was just thinking about this... we have not had the need to hide from tornadoes and we live in a new to us house... I am not sure where the safest place would be? Good to chew on today.

    And I love that bag that is developing. I am still waiting for 'the one' for me. Off to stalk you now!

    Enjoy the day!

  10. Love those darned flowers! I would grab pictures.

  11. After we got the kids safely to the neighbor's basement last night and the sirens had stopped, I ran back for their pillows and blankets. And I might have grabbed my camera bag with my laptop on the way out the door.

    FYI - I have added 20+ new posts to my family blog since last Sunday. Your model is featured in one :)

  12. probably some pillows and blankets, and water, and snacks, and my glasses, so I could see what's going on. and some comfy clothes. for someone who had to do the same kind of preparing for the round of 2004 hurricanes, I feel ya!

  13. Okay, so here's what we did - and we did survive. Yay!

    Flashlights, batteries, phone charger, phone (charged), candles, matches, comfy clothes, eye glasses, fire safe, kitty carrier (can't lose the kitty - although she was glued to me the ENTIRE time), laptop, moleskin planner, portable hard drive, meds.

    Mr. Waterstone quickly tired of the whole ordeal and went to his bed. :) Oh, and I verified that his life insurance is paid in full b/c I KNEW he'd ignore everything and go to bed. Sheesh.

  14. Okay that last comment isn't true. He did go to bed. I didn't verify the insurance.

  15. This weather really does make you think! I decided that since I'm in an apartment building I could sit in the hallway with my cats and my scrabble game as long as I've called my husband and my parents to let them know I love them. :)
    Life is too short!!


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