April 18, 2011

green with food envy

studio waterstone

As I prepare my weekly menu, I SO wish that these sweet little numbers were in my cupboard.
They're so organic and green and lovely! How about you? Do you love foodie stuff?

clockwise from the top right:
1) Rustic Stoneware from One Clay Bead
2) Concrete. Food. Bowl. from ATStuart
(no, it's not a painting)
3) Carved Wooden Spoon from Studio Liscious
4) Turquoise & Lime Green Mugs from Lynn Cardwell Pottery

Quilting Jewel 39 - you're the girl! One problem...I can't contact you!
I hope you see this you lucky lady you.


  1. Oh the bowls - and the asparagus - I have a bowl thing - I don't think I can possibly use all the bowls I have and yet I want more. What's that obsession about???

    Happy Monday Lori!

  2. Thank you so much - I am very excited to win. I sent you an e-mail with my info.

  3. Do I love foodie stuff??? I peruse the restaurant supply books we get like most people look through a wish book!

  4. cool stuff, i especially love the bowl and the mugs.

  5. That concrete bowl is fantabulous!

  6. Oh I so agree with you. I'm in love with the concrete bowl.

  7. While I'm not so much a foodie, my husband is. He's a chef. He'd certainly appreciate these!

    Not, of course, that I don't - I just appreciate them in a different manner ;) It's all about the aesthetics for me, and these are driving me crazy! That concrete bowl is incredible, and those mugs are just calling my name!


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