April 29, 2011

oh dahling!

Didn't get an invite? I think mine was lost in the mail so I watched it on the telly. After Diana's poofy wedding dress in the 80's (?) I was thrilled to see a classically styled dress and veil. What did you think?

So after having my good old American cup of java during the wedding - I know. Should have been tea. Just not in me. Anyway, after that, I worked on cleaning this house for an afternoon showing which canceled JUST as I was finishing.

studio waterstone

And after THAT, I sloshed to the studio and worked on this. It's yummy - still not QUITE finished but close enough to show you. Notice the flowers?

studio waterstone

This is really not close, but it's from my Mother Lode stash and I did the funky applique thing today. Can't wait for it to be finished, too.

Okay mate (English or Australian?) Okay old chap (nah) Okay...time for a spot of tea???

Really - did you watch it? And for all the British readers out there, my apologies.


  1. Your invitation probably went the same place mine did! Ah well. I watched bits and pieces of it as I was trying to get ready for work. And I agree, her dress was stunning, classic and yet modern in the same breath. And I love your new, not-quite-finished bag!! (as if I wouldn't..)

  2. I watched what I could before work, recorded it, came home, had friends over and watched it again! Loved it. Princess Catherine was stunning as was her sister. Loved every minute of it!

    Love that bag with those flowers...........

  3. Fabulolus bag as per usual!
    Wonderful to be on this ride with you Lori!
    Sorry about your house showing...Ugh.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. oops.
    Well, it deserves a new word!
    Fabulous Lori!


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