April 1, 2011

tgif. and you?

Happy, happy, joy, it's (almost) the weekend! I'm hoping for a perfectly uneventful one myself. Although with one house currently on the market and sunshine in the forecast, we're like little boy scouts around here - always prepared. Sheesh.

studio waterstone handbags

studio waterstone handbags

I'm putting together a tote or two using colorful recycled goodness.
(Details tomorrow with the weekly wrap)

studio waterstone handbags

This is a fine Dooney & Bourke I stumbled upon this week while thrifting. Er, it's a knockoff...
but nice leather! Would I carry it? Absolutely not! Only Studio Waterstone bags here.
Anything else would just be wrong.

Planning for big things this weekend? Do tell.


  1. Intriguing post I look forward to more!

  2. Good thing you found out this time (about the knock off) LOL!

  3. I promptly ran to the thrift shop in town the other day, in honor of you. I found a suede jacket in perfect condition and haggled the price down to $15.00! I don't know what I am doing with it yet but I am excited.
    I am not sure how to sew through leather/suede any tips would be great.
    One day I will have one of your bags I <3 them!
    Shannon C

  4. oh cant wait to see what your making with that.. have a good weekend

  5. and I picked up 3 dresses at the thrift store and have an idea what I'll be remaking them into eventually... thanks for the inspiration


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