May 11, 2011

earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

studio waterstone

life is tough. no doubt about it.

we work daily to suppress the fears, doubts, worries, tiredness.

and sometimes. some times more than we'd like...

the tough worms it's way in.

you question everything, literally everything.

but there's always something that keeps your head above the swirling water.

what is it? what's the one thing you know for sure?


  1. I know that my 2 children love me unconditionally. It's a great feeling too!

  2. Hi Lori! One thing I know for sure is that the Lord is very real in my life!

  3. I know that God is in control! (I have to remind myself of that daily though!)

  4. I know that, no matter what happens, my family and the Lord will always be there for me.

  5. I know for sure that I was created by a loving God who has a plan for me. The fact that I don't know what it is just makes life interesting! :)

  6. I know for sure that my mom will be there to pick me up and get me going again.

  7. I can count on Jesus to never leave me or forsake me...and He never has, He is always there to pick me up, set my shoulders straight and say "Go, hold your head high, I have set you on the path that I have for you and I am here."

  8. In the middle of moving, buying a house, renting the one we are in, sorting through a lifetime, I have definitely had my share of questioning over the last few months. I know that the one sure thing that will always be there is my little family, including my dogs. They love me up 100% of the time, even when I am less than pleasant, especially my puppers.

  9. That tomorrow will come; whether I make today count or let it slip away. When tomorrow comes, will I have a smile about my accomplishments from yesterday? Most days I have a smile.

  10. That no matter what, come what may, I am held securely in the hands of God and know His love!

  11. My grandchildren are always happy to see me and I can count on them for all the hugs and kisses I need.

  12. We've had a challenging 18 months with my partner being diagnosed with MS, family bereavements, moving house, new job, new college course, getting thing I know through all this is that my partner and I love each other without question, no matter what. I'm not religious but to know that time/life/earth/the universe slowly marches on regardless of what happens on a day today basis is good and real and true.

  13. I know that my family loves me, unconditionally. I know that I need to make every day count, somehow.

  14. I, too, have been floundering a bit. I have been MIA on the blog radar for the past week or so. I may lose followers but I am hopefully springing a new sort of branch within me and that feels better than any arbitrary blog number might be.

    What do I know for certain? That the sun rises and sets... that rainbows follow rain... that my family is the best thing that has ever happened to me... that God will provide.... and that the only way to look at the world is with a positive outlook.

    Enjoy the day, Miss Lori!

  15. I am sure that my husband and kids love me no matter what (they've seen my morning hair far too many times to be scared off by anything now) and I am sure that Layla the dog will never let me forget to feed her :-)

  16. I know the only thing I can really count on is change, and that's all right, somehow.

  17. I've lived through enough in the past four years to really know that someone will always be there for me, *if* I get over my pride/stubbornness/fear and just reach out. And just as "all good things come to an end," so do all bad things. (((hugs)))


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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