May 10, 2011

how's tricks?

studio waterstone

What I did on Mothers' day: Everybody cleared out in the afternoon. I put my feet up, watched the Project Runway marathon and played with this. Thought I'd pass along a few tricks I've learned while playing.

Saving a Blog List
Instead of bouncing back and forth to explore new reads from another blog's blogroll, do this:
Highlight then copy their blogroll. Open a Word Document or Text Edit and paste.
The links will work! You can save the list for later perusing.

On Etsy? Hate Listing at Night?
Did you know that you can go through the entire process of listing an item and get to the final page, then copy the url (address in the top address bar), paste it to a document, then return later, paste the address back into your address bar and, surprise! The listing is still there just as you left it. All that's left is to hit the list button and you're done.

Familiar with Google Analytics?
Did you know that you can look at your blog page on GA to see, statistically, where most people click? All you do is click the "Content" button, then "In-Page Analytics".
You'll be amazed - and educated.

Now, please pass along your favorite tip.


  1. I love project runway!!! So do my girls, so we get way too excited when we see that it's coming! Thank you for the tricks! That etsy one is awesome, I can't wait to try it. I list when I can and sometimes that's really not the best time to do it, so this is perfect! xoxo

  2. Great tips. I have started using Google Reader. The depressing part is that it has 1,000s of posts that I haven't read.... But I can create folders for my blogs. So I have "Cleveland", "Daily" (for my daily reads), "Knitting", "Sewing", etc. Some are a bit hard to categorize and there is some strange things that happen when you "follow" a blog and/or add it to the reader. But the folders help me manage my blog reading a bit better!

  3. Happy to oblige Theresa! And Jane, I had no idea that Google Reader has folders!! This will help me tremendously. Thanks.

  4. Love your fireplace and mantle! Thanks for the info....I have soooo much to learn.

  5. Starting my own blog has turned into the best thing because I started reading other blogs. And now I learn so much, at least one new thing if not many every day. And Lori you are just the most generous person to share what you learn. As a former educator, I really appreciate that. Now---what can I share????

  6. wow, great tips!! I just bookmark a listing on the last page, and then pull up the bookmark later and click finish.

  7. My tip for today is to read blogs like yours, to get tips on things that I could never figure out in a million years by myself!!!(especially computer stuff) Thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  8. I also use Google Reader and like Jane was overwhelmed when I first started with nearly 1,000 unread posts, it took me quite awhile to get caught up but now it's sooooo easy!

  9. Sorry for the double comment, I didn't know about saving a partially listed url for Etsy, that's fantastic. I've always wished there was a way to get them ready to go but save for later, thank you!!!

  10. Kelly, I love the bookmark idea, too. My problem is that I've been using Firefox and can't figure out how to delete and move my bookmarks! lol

  11. LOVE your poppies! And that doggie nose is just crying out for a tickle!



  12. I LOVE now knowing that I can save the link from the last listing page in Etsy --> totally awesome!!

    and for you on Firefox, since they just upgraded and changed things around a bit, you press shift + command + B and then. Click on All bookmarks and then you will see other folders. Happy deleting!


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