May 12, 2011

new ideas

studio waterstone

Two new recycled leather handbags/totes. The inside has a padded sleeve to hold your Apple iPad or eReader! I have one of my own - now I MUST get that go with my new purse, right? It's only logical.

studio waterstone

This one sold but I showed you the beginnings of it. Wanted you to see the finished bag.
It has a large padded sleeve for a laptop.

My goal is to create a handbag or tote that stands on it's own with or without the accessory.


What do you think of the new bags with the inside sleeves?


  1. I wanna see the padded inside sleeve. Like over lunch. Maybe tomorrow? :)

  2. Oh, *love* this bag...both of them, actually! I'd have to get both an IPad and a laptop then, yay! ;)

  3. Love, love, LOVE the idea of padded inner sleeves! And those bags are awesome. Love how comfy they look. And I do have that iPad already...!

  4. These are wonderful!! Love the 'worn soft' look of the leather and its a brilliant and much needed idea to provide a place for your 'reader' and/or laptop. Love your designs!

  5. This is a fantastic idea! I would definitely use this.

  6. I'm in Kelley!

    Rebecca, you lucky girl. :)

  7. love the new bags.. wish i had something to put in one of the padded

  8. Wonderful! Your handbags are Sublime! I need need to shop in your Etsy soon! I would use it most def..


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