May 3, 2011

a question of epic proportions

studio waterstone
[ a ]

It's been said that I tend to exaggerate the importance of my questions. It's debatable.

studio waterstone
[ b ]

Today, I have an important question and your opinion means a great deal to me. Could ya help a girl out?

The Skinny: I love my black and white background product photos. Now, I'm wondering if they're too gloomy and wintery but I haven't been able to find JUST the right thing. Remaining consistent with a lead photo throughout the shop is always a top priority.

studio waterstone
[ c ]

This is where you come in.
Pick your favorite, most appealing if-you-were-perusing-a-catalog photo type: a, b, c, d or e.

studio waterstone
[ d ]

And of course, I can't let Wednesday pass without adding a little something...let's say...different. So here 'tis and I must say it's appropriate given my first question. But don't forget my first question!

studio waterstone
[ e ]

Finish this:
I pledge to stop worrying about...

And did I say thanks? THANKS!!
(and don't forget the first question)

(oh, and did you enter to win this?)

(I'm done now)


  1. I'm partial to black and white. In photos, my decor, my clothing. For me it is calm and uncluttered and lets the beauty of the "accessories" (furniture in a room, paintings hung on a wall, jewelry with plain clothing)draw the eye. I also like black and white because it isn't busy.
    Honestly, I think it helps my AADD too.

  2. I'm gonna go with A. Not that I'll ever be that skinny again, but I really like seeing where the purse will hang. I also like D? (the one on the bench). And I love reading your questions of epic proportions!! :)

  3. ...being "successful". Oh, and I like D, for whatever just jumps out at me.

  4. I love A. It puts the focus on the bag and gives you an idea of how the bag will fit on your body and the size.
    I pledge to stop worrying about... if I'm doing things right. I am, I just need to stop second-guessing myself all the time...

  5. Lori, I'm partial to the black and white background ... now it seems has though you're pretty evenly divided. I hope more people weigh in so it will make your job easier!

  6. It's a toss-up between A & D. Love 'em both.

  7. I like A, it is nice to see how it might look while walking.

  8. I think the B&W really makes your product the focus of the photo...which is a good thing...right?

    Really love the blurry background picture also.

    Janet xox

  9. i like A and E the best!

    i pledge to stop worrying. period. :) (easier said than done).

  10. I like more than one of them but (d) was the best, I think the textures in the black and white background are what pulled me in. The black and white backgrounds definitely pull me in to the bag, which is your goal I'm sure. But artsy shots also pull me in like the second picture, and then while I am there I will check out the bag.
    Now that I am interested in the bag, I am practical and I would have to see a picture of how it looks in use, like (a) and (b). I would also have to see the interior and so I can check out the storage and your expert craftsmanship.

  11. for a lead photo, I choose (a)

    and I am choosing to stop worrying about tornadoes. that worry has plagued me over the last two weeks and I'm done with it now. done, I tell you!

  12. I like A and D. I am partial to the black and white as it makes your bags pop.

    I pledge to stop worrying about that which I can not control. :)

  13. A is my favorite. The black and white background really makes the bag stand out. Showing it on the body helps to demonstrate how it looks on! I would love to pledge to stop worrying about something. My list of anxieties is too long! ~Val

  14. Kelley, I with ya! But ironically I'm a little more relaxed about it now. Maybe because we have a basement and good weather people. :)

  15. I like A and D. Love B/W with a color pop!

    A because of the B/W and size proportions... gives an idea of what the item will look and feel like.

    D because I believe every thing should have a pretty shot to show off the item itself.

  16. Absolutely between A and D (D being #1... love the composition)...the colors just stand out beautifully...I'm partial to simplicity and 'lack of chaos' :)

  17. I like A, D and E the best.
    I would like to stop worrying about the time slipping through my fingers.

    Enjoy the day!

  18. my choice is 'd',,, and i love that bag too.

    I pledge to stop worrying about .. tomorrow. I worry about everything.

  19. I think for a lead in photo, I like d. But then I would want to see an a or b, and inside details and maybe pic of back. I don't really have a pref for the gray or blurred background.

    I pledge to stop procrastinating...well maybe tomorrow.

  20. I tend to like the black & whites myself, and of those, D is my fave.

    I pledge to stop worrying about things I have no control over! It's such a useless exercise.

  21. I love black and white and am quite taken with the ones that show the bag in a pop of color. (A) And it's a must to see how the bag hangs. Like in (B), too. Cuz I looooooove that bag and want it!!!! Oh, sorry. I got carried away. (Orange is just my color) Any way, to finish the sentence:
    laundry and money.

  22. I like 'b' and 'd' the best.
    I pledge to stop worrying about what other people think of me. It's not really worth it, is it? just do it.

  23. love the blak and white...makes your bags pop!
    and i love that bag with the bird

  24. I like the black and white backgrounds and I love the photo "D".


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