May 20, 2011

randomly speaking

studio waterstone

Love this idea from Kelly a.k.a. The Pretty Bee. She has added a page to her blog called "Happy Customers". Essentially, when you purchase a beautifully delicate piece of jewelry from Kelly's shop, take a picture of yourself wearing said purchase, then email it to her, she will add it to this page. In return, Kelly will send you a sweet little 15% discount code! LOVE that and, Kelly, I'm joining in with the same idea as soon as my ducks are in a row.

I'm in the studio today trying to finish up a few crossbody handbags - gotta love convenience and hand's free shopping! Details to follow on Facebook and/or in tomorrow's wrap up.

studio waterstone

Persistence, perseverance, good old fashioned motherly harping is what got me the almond and orange biscotti dipped in dark chocolate promised on Mother's Day. Want the recipe? I'll have to tackle the baker and, well, you don't want the full description. But I will get it for you if you'd like. I'll use my motherly wiles - force.

studio waterstone

Sophie says hi.


  1. Sophie does love the camera, she's so cute! Great idea about the Happy Customers Tab, I've been trying to figure out a way to include the work of those artists that use my components, that just might be the ticket! Thanks!

  2. Oh and Kelly has some amazing Gluten Free Recipes, try the Banana Bread TO DIE FOR!!

  3. Ooh, thank you Kristi! We're always looking for GF goodies.

  4. Hi Sophie, I want to grab your nose and then kiss it!

    Good idea for the happy customers tab :) I've been thinking about something similar for my photography!

  5. Look at Sophie!! What a sweet little face that says, "You aren't going to eat the whole thing are you...please share some! Love those puppy dogs :)

  6. I do believe that she was standing in front of me in the kitchen at the time this photo was taken, Mary. So you're probably right.

  7. Hey Soph.
    Kisses on your snout

    xo {to Lori}


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