May 27, 2011

tgif, a rant, and a holiday weekend!

studio waterstone

TGIF! We've got friends (two adults, two young adults, and two dogs!) visiting this holiday weekend with beautiful weather on the horizon. Can't you just FEEL the love?

studio waterstone

Like my new model for the day? Isn't she adorable? (bag is sold)

{ random rant }
If you're reading this on 5/27 and you don't follow me and you're thinking, "Hey! I think I'll follow this chickie!", don't get your panties in a wad because my FOLLOWER tab is completely blank because it's not my fault that BLOGGER is, apparently and for no good reason punishing me and a whole lot of other bloggers. (was that the longest run-on sentence or what?) Which leads me to consider the POLL in the upper right sidebar. Yes, my panties are, in fact, in a wad which is why I need a FUN weekend...not thinking about BLOGGER.

And by the way...
I'll still be around for Saturday's wrap AND "I Heart Macro" on Sunday.
So grab that camera and take a close-up. Then join me on Sunday.

Now I must go clean, do laundry, go to the grocery store and, maybe, just maybe if I can delegate well enough, get into the studio today to finish two new bags before the weekend.

Go plans?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend coming up! Enjoy the company! That bag is fantastic. ~Val

  2. Something tells me youre going to have a wonderful time! The bag is just Lovely!!

  3. Have a great holiday weekend! The bag is gorgeous as always!

  4. Good Morning, Lori,
    It sounds like a great plan. We are heading north to visit my mother.

    Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful holiday weekend.

    Take care ~Natalie

    ps. I love the bag you were featuring.

  5. Have an awesome weekend! Sounds like it should be :) We're still working on holiday plans - it's our 11th anniversary tomorrow, so we do have that to look forward too...

  6. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Lori!!

  7. Have a great weekend and enjoy your company!!


  8. Your new bag is beautiful - no wonder it is already spoken for!
    I've had problems this week leaving comments on Blogger blogs. :-( Join me over at Wordpress! I hope you'll be happy with it if you move.

  9. Yes, blogger is being a pain, I have tried to leave comments and it gets me in a loop of saying i'm anonymous, then asking me to sign in, then do the security word then asking me to sign in round and round! I think it's part of that cyber warfare China announced, they said google was hit.


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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