May 13, 2011

tgif. and you?

studio waterstone handbag in progress

Blogger is back! Yippee Yahoooo! And I lost my last post, too. Which was actually a blessing because I've been having a "woe is me" week and it will forever be known as the saddest little, pitiful me post. Hopefully it's lost somewhere in the blogosphere, never to be seen again.

studio waterstone clutch in progress

Kinda glad the weekend is almost here. I'm wrapping up tomorrow - yep - first time in weeks. I've got sneaky peek pictures here of the sweetest little handbag (top) and three new clutches.

So what say you? Big weekend plans?


  1. In a moment of insanity, I agreed to make curtains for a co-worker. That is what I am doing this weekend. Well, that and hopefully putting up beadboard wallpaper in my bathroom. My life is just too exciting!!

  2. Ew, Suzan. What possessed you? Find time to smell the roses - not the wall paste. :)

  3. This weekend is enameling tomorrow - have earrings to enamel for a friends granddaughter and have a bunch of leaves to enamel to go with a pendant mom bought. We also need to work on a commissioned piece for a friends battalion (some sort of gift for their soldiers) - not sure if we can create what they want but we will give it a try. Not sure what is on the agenda for Sunday but I am hoping more studio time.

  4. Not only was Blogger messing with me, but I have had a supreme lack of anything good to say the past week. So I was sort of riding out my own storms and then Blogger hit me with a one-two punch. I am glad to see that it wasn't just me (because sometimes I feel like these things just happen to me!) But I managed to get a whole heap of things done on my new 'simple truths' sampler club and put the word out in my first MailChimp campaign! Woot! This weekend it is baseball and more baseball and softball too. Plus an audition for Tiny Dancer for next years' performance group and I think she might have a birthday party to attend. I have to help set up the Gallery this weekend for the newest exhibit called "Verse & Vision", a collaboration between local poets and artists. I have 4 pieces in the exhibit. In my spare time (!) I plan to create more 'simple truths', photograph them, list them and hopefully sell a few spots in my sampler club. Oh, and print out all the invites for the 25th class reunion that are due this weekend and I am, of course, in charge of. Just a few things... ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  5. My weekend is filled to the brim with the mundane of "family stuff" - register kids for camp, buy clothes for the kid doing the internship, schedule vacations, cook, clean, grocery, blah, blah, blah! :) (But it does mean that I get time with each kid, alone.) And, hubby and I have date night tonight!

    Happy Friday to you!

  6. Unfortunately ;) Blogger says the posts will be back. Ooohh the pics have me intrigued, can't wait to see the finished products! And this weekend, a softball tournament for my daughter ~ starting at 7am Saturday (forcast is cold and rainy) through Sunday afternoon. Not so sure I'm looking forward to it.

  7. Ugh I had that same week!!! My husabnd is working all weekend and has the wall tapers coming here.. EEKKKKKK!!! I had so much to do this weekend!*pulls out hair*


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