June 9, 2011

clutches and outside spaces

studio waterstone

Heading out today to three sweet ladies.


Two drool-worthy outdoor spaces from Pinterest...

...and now THIS is on my wish list. Seriously!


  1. oh wow, my kids would be in heaven with that slide!!!

  2. I could see you using the slide. Forgot sewing needle, slide down, whoops forgot thread, slide down, whoops forgot....

    Not sure how much work you would get done by end of day but at least it would be fun. :)

  3. You got it, John! I don't think you could possibly be too old to enjoy that slide.

  4. What Bliss! Ill take Door # ! !! What some people can do!

  5. That's an amazing looking slide, not much work would get done, I would be on it all day!!!!

    Dreamy little outdoor spaces.

  6. Oh I would go live in a tree house for peace and quiet!!! I'd leave my husband and the kids in the house with that slide! Happy Saturday!!!

  7. LOVE the slide! that is awesome! I want one!


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