June 6, 2011

diy sweet summer dress, part two

Oh my. I love taking pictures of trees and flowers, handbags, animals, my kids. Sometimes my kids ARE the animals. But that's another story for another day. What I truly hate taking pictures of is me. Really. Hate. But I promised.

studio waterstone

My model snapped these shots of my skirt to dress creation just before I wore it out yesterday! My husband told me that the skirt never looked so good. He's a sweetie and knows exactly what to say in these situations. Meh. He was right. It does look better hoisted northward.

So, without further ado...here are the three fabulous looking ladies who hoisted, snapped, and emailed! Don't they look great? It's hard to believe that what they're wearing was initially worn as a maxi skirt.

studio waterstone

This was going to be a contest for the best transformation from skirt to dress. But in hindsight, I've decided to change things up a bit - again. Because I am so impressed with each lady and her willingness to try something totally different, I'm going to send them each a sweet little red suede clutch. My sincere thanks to Amy, Anne, and Holly! Just send me your snail mail information, girls.


So, what do you think? Don't they look great?


  1. those alll look good,, i actually found a skirt and tried it and it didnt look half bad.. but I was by myself and couldnt get a good shot so I didnt want to share. But now im definitely on the look out for some pretty skirts.

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  3. I know what you mean. I hate pictures of myself as well but I think we are way too self conscience! You look great in the photos, in fact I think you should model more!

  4. They do all look great!! And how absolutely sweet of you to give them each a clutch!! And now that I see how they look on others, (And you look fab! by the way :) there were several skirts I saw at Goodwill that probably would have been good... at least now I know that this fashion idea is a very doable one! :)

  5. You women did (and look) great! I chickened out....LOL!

  6. You look HOT! Cute skirt/dress! I totally would have been up for the challenge had it not have been a bit crazy at my house. Fun idea!

  7. You look terrific-must be where your model gets her looks!

  8. I love them! :) They must've been super long as skirts, because they look perfect as dresses. I wonder if I could find a maxi skirt and wide belt at T.J. Maxx to transform?? :)

  9. everyone looks so fabulous!!!
    and aren't you the nicest gal...sending everyone a clutch!

  10. Wow they are all really Nice!!
    They make such wonderful dresses. This is a great idea Lori!


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