July 14, 2011

my night

studio waterstone
[ oreo says hi ]

Well, hellooo! I am back with my voice activated software dictating this post to you with Sophie at my feet and Oreo by my side. Physical therapy is going very well. My trainer says that I'm making progress but I'm convinced that he's trying to kill me.

Mr. W is traveling tonight and I'm going it alone. Well, sort of, but not really. Waterstone Junior lost four impacted wisdom teeth yesterday and he's quite puffy, just a little irritable, addicted to Jello Pudding and not at all happy with the large bag of ice currently wrapped around his head.

The model is incredibly excited to have tickets to a midnight screening of Harry Potter. Yep. She's read each book exactly 8,747 times and has been known to attend premieres as Luna Lovegood - right down to the radish earrings. We're nerdy and proud of it, babe.

What I'm Doing While I Can't Do Anything...

As promised, I'm trying to get back into the habit of reading and this book is currently on the bedside table. Not much of a fiction girl, but I have The Life of Pi lined up next. Have you read either one? If so, I'd love to hear your opinion. Of course, I've also got my trusty HTML, CSS, X HTML book ready and waiting.

What's for Dinner???

studio waterstone

Tonight I'm preparing my homemade, super easy margarita pizza (with homegrown tomatoes no less!) to go with a nice glass of red wine and maybe a little dark chocolate to finish. After that, it's chick flicks on Netflix! Woo.HOO! A true girls night.

Care to join me? What do you do when you can do what you wanna do???


  1. Hi, Lori!

    I'm so far behind after our vacation. What the heck happened? PT? Stuff you can't do? What did I miss?

    Your girls night in sounds wonderful! Ken is out golfing so I am here with two teen boys, who are arguing over whether to watch one of the Terminator movies or Night at the Museum 2 for the hundredth time...I'd love to watch a chick flick with you!

    I LOVED Life of Pi. It is a very thoughtful, engaging, unique book. I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

    Hang on...I am needed to solve a problem with the Call of Duty game...
    OK (sigh)...I could really use some girl time!

    Enjoy your girls night -


  2. The book sounds interesting! And I haven't read "Life of Pi" yet, can you believe it?

  3. I haven't read either of those books, but I have heard good things about each. Since we are childless for the month, I am actually finding time to read at home and am wrapped up in Scott Kelby's books on Lightroom and Photoshop. He does a good job at making it entertaining and understandable.

    I'm working on photos, watermarks and printing tonight. Todd thinks we should have margaritas when he gets back from tennis. I'll toast to you and your voice activated software.

  4. When Mr. Memories isn't here, I fix popcorn (real popped on the stove and drenched in melted butter popcorn!) and watch a good chick flick. I'm glad the PT is working!

  5. Hey Lori, that's where my teen is tonight also. So glad one of the other parents volunteered to do the pick up and have a sleepover.
    Natalie and her friends left the house with robes, wands, and brooms.
    Good thing you are a computer wizard, your blog is going strong in spite of your restrictions.

  6. Your pics are always so great Lori! Voice activated software I need that. The Christian book looks like a must to me. Thanks for mentioning it. How did you like it? It must really awaken the senses I would imagine.

    Get better! I may just have to buy a beauty from you this fall for my Birthday!

  7. Catching up on blog reading. Glad the therapy and voice-activated software is working. Definitely should read, "Life of Pi." It can drag a little at first but stick with it. Well worth it.


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