July 21, 2011

Simple Spinach Spaghetti

This morning I finished one of the handbags featured yesterday, did yoga stretches (think old lady's version of yoga), returned something to TJMaxx taking special care to walk in the store, go directly to the return counter and walk out with no meandering whatsoever. Quite proud of that.

Somewhere in the middle, while perusing my beloved Pinterest, I discovered a wonderful new blog called Taste Junction. Anamika creates such mouthwatering dishes that I quickly found several favorites. One, Spinach Spaghetti, screamed summer and since I had spinach which needed to be used, I got to work. Within 20 minutes this super easy dish was complete and I was stuffing my face enjoying a rather large bowl. I'm saving the rest to have cold tomorrow.

studio waterstone

(my little tweak)

Anamika's version is perfection. But since I currently have an overflowing supply of tomatoes, I added those. I'm also a garlic-y spinach addict. So next time, I'm doubling the spinach from one cup to two.

Anamika takes the time to provide nutritional information, cooking terms and informative explanations. This is why she has a beautiful cooking blog and I don't. This is also why I'm a new follower.

studio waterstone

Taste Junction's Easy Spinach Spaghetti
(but don't take my word for it. head over and visit!)


  1. This looks delicious! I've been trying to eat healthy for a while now, but for many reasons, it just isn't working. Thanks for the link to this blog.

  2. I am positive I will make this in the next few days. It looks wonderful.

    Is there anything better than spagetti for dinner? or lunch? (Or breakfast?-really)

  3. That looks absolutely delicious!! And as usual, your photos look like they belong in a cooking magazine! :)))

  4. This looks really good I'm going to have to try it. I agree with you though more spinach and garlic.

  5. That looks mighty good! I'm going to go check out that blog now! :)

  6. Thanks for your lovely words. Glad that you enjoyed it!!

  7. I will be trying this too! We use a very good pasta Dreamfields Pasta--it is a low carb type of pasta they also have wonderful recipes on their site. Now if my tomatoes would just ripen a little faster.....

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Delish… I am so hungry right now for a big bowl of that!

  10. yum, I love spinach! looks delicious!


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