July 7, 2011

well this sucks, part blah

studio waterstone

I'll make this brief. I went to the physical therapist yesterday only to be told I have a bad case of tendonosis meaning I'm not giving this little problem a proper chance to heal. I'll have to refrain from activity for an additional two week minimum. Ugh. This is going to kill me. Really.

But I know how important this is. Business will gear up within the next couple of months and I HAVE to get better. GRRR.

So, here's what I need from you. And this is important because I need my sanity...

studio waterstone

I think I can work on taking pictures but that's all I can think of.

I need creative suggestions. Things I can do while NOT using my forearm.

"Spring" clean? Organize?

I need help!


  1. Oh, that sucks! I would recommend reading all the books that your SUB has, that is what I do when I'm sick at home. I hope everything will be better soon!

  2. Watch Pride and Predjudice 3,872 times?....drink?.....eat....make up stories about Estorbo?....play Scrabble with your facebook friends?.....ahem....I got nothin....

  3. Oh no, that really is a bummer!

    In addition to organizing your studio, this is a good time to think about your business. Too often we are so busy with getting things done that we don't have time to sit back and see the big picture.

    Visualize your business in the future and decide where you want to be. Then think about what steps you need to take to make this happen.

    Or you could take some online classes that may or may not relate to what you are doing now.

    Go for walks and photograph things you see around you to gather inspiration for future creations. And, of course, eat something yummy every day--such as anything chocolate!

    Take care!!!!

  4. If I were in your shoes, I would also go crazy...so since that is not a good or productive solution and you MUST let yourself heal, I would read, read everything that I felt I didn't have time to normally. Maybe study things about business or something along the lines of your product so you feel like you are still putting something toward your work. xo

  5. Maybe you can make a trip, visit relatives and friends, go to the movies (what I would do from dawn till dusk), go to the museum, visit some flea markets, ...
    Get well soon!

  6. Oh no, what a downer! But at least it's happening in the summer, when business does slow down...you're not missing much.

    Can you travel? Take a class at the community college? Learn something new?

  7. I'm probably the worst person to give "healing time" advice but here goes.

    There have been some great suggestions about reviewing your business, reading and watching movies.

    What about starting an audio journal. Now may be a great place to start since you have a topic already provided, healing and the virtue of patiences.

    Have you ever wanted to learn another language? I hear good things about Rosetta Stone.

    Have you wanted to catch up with friends but not had the time?

    And of course all of this will require wine : )

    These are a few of the things I would do if I had to "make myself" be a compliant patient.

    All joking aside, heal now or pay later. You have a busy life and thriving business that need you. That is my healthcare provider advice.

  8. I agree with some of the previous comments, mostly focusing on the things that you never seem to have the time to do while busy working, reading, learning something new, enjoying the summer. Just look at it as an unexpected gift of time, what have you wanted to do that there hasn't been much time for? and go for it! Hope you heal soon. I have been out of the loop for a few weeks, just catching up, really have been missing my I heart macro sundays!

  9. Lots of great suggestions and I 'feel your pain and understand your frustration'... One thing I noticed is you have a wonderful dog and access to nature for walks and day dreaming. Nothing wrong with slowing down and 'smelling the roses'... Injuries can become worse and even cause permanent damage (I know it first hand) ...but in your case it can be prevented...You can do this!! :) hang in there!!

  10. I vote for watching Becoming Jane - my all time favorite movie - then watch more BBC dramas (if you like that kind of thing) - Watch (and then read Elizabeth Gaskells - I listened to her books - ) North & South, Cranford, Wives & Daughters. I love all of those. Another long series drama is Forsyte Saga. Oh, my other favorite movies are the Anne of Green Gables. You can completely indulge in these without feeling like you should be creating.

    Read Gifts From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh - you can pretend you are on a 5 week sabbatical and use the time to reflect.

    Lots of shopping and thrifting for future projects and lots of sketching, ideas, etc.

    Get all the latest sewing/knitting/decorating books from the library.

    Update your Itunes.

    Organize family photos. Do you like to make DVDs/movies/slide shows? I do - especially of vacations. Set to music, my life makes me cry!

    Make scrapbook pages using Picasa.

    Try Geocaching - love it!

    I'd say knitting, but that might aggravate your shoulder. Could you try weaving or perhaps making some jewelry or bracelets? I'm obsessed with sailor's knot bracelets right now!

    (Can you tell I have a bunch of things I want to do but don't have time for?)

    Explore local museums, towns, historical sites.

    That's a few things that come to my mind, but I'm sure I'll have more suggestions. Good luck - I know how hard this must be for you.

  11. Thank you, thank you! I'm noting all of the suggestions and heading to the library tomorrow. Love you all. :)

  12. I was totally going to suggest massive reading time...that would definitely be me taking advantage of the opportunity!

  13. You can come over here and help me with a few closets. The kids are in Minnesota, so there would be no whining over ruthless eliminations!

    I will second Patty's suggestion to pick up fb Scrabble with your friends.

  14. WOW! all such good ideas! and all I can say is...bummer for you, and...what they all said...do that, yeah.

  15. Oh my that really sucks and I feel your frustration. All I can say is read lots of books, watch documentaries, go on road trips. I think that is it for ideas I got. Good luck on getting better and don't try to do anything your not suppose to do!

  16. Take a goodly amt of time Lori, you really need to heal like you should. I find crochet very relaxing, but don't know if you do that. Watch a few really great movies youve been dieing to re-watch. Ummm read a good book? A picnic? Maybe you can see a special friend or family that you have missed!


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