August 17, 2011

earth shattering, life or death kind of questions


What six words describe your life at this very moment?

What does this tell you? Which words would you like to change?


What's the first step?

For me:
uncertainty, worry, stress, excitement, anticipation, love

Wow. Kind of surprising! Er, not really.
I'll change the first three, please.
My first step is meditation.


  1. loved, anxious, excited, nervous, timid, self conscious.

  2. excited, grateful, happy, anxious, busy, growing.

    I would love to change the anxious one, and am trying with more time in the Word and with relaxation exercises.

    p.s. I wore your necklace on my blog today!

  3. busy, happy, family, frustrated, tired, nervous.

    I would love to change the frustrated. Working on that.

  4. BUSY-planning daughter #1 wedding
    EXCITED - 1st grandbaby due in 5 weeks
    FRAZZLED - too much to do in too little time
    WORRIED - that I wont get everything done in time for the wedding
    PROUD - daughter #1 is in 3rd semester nursing and expecting our #2 grandchild in January.
    SLEEP DEPRIVED - nuf said!

  5. frustrated - with my job
    stressed - looking for another job and interviewing
    worried - about mom having surgery next week (out patient but still worried)
    excited - for the Bead Soup Party and partners with Erin
    happy - spending time with my friends and having pieces in three magazines this year
    busy - with full time job, jewelry business, and life in general

    I would like to remove the frustration and stress from my life. Sometimes I feel like I can do it and other days it just overwhelms me...I keep telling myself take a deep breath and enhance my Chi!

  6. Anxious about meeting new business goals and exploring new territory.
    Excited about seeing my online friends at Beadfest.
    Fortunate that I have my family.
    Fulfilled in my work.
    Happy and Sad about my daughter growing up.

  7. Impatient - want to go home now!
    Tired - never get enough sleep.
    Busy - who isn't?
    Excited - is awaiting the delivery of some good news!
    Frazzled - see all of the above :)
    Reflective - recalling all that's going on in my life.

  8. tired, excited, scared, BABY, hopeful, content,

    It's kind of odd how you can feel complete opposites at the same time. ;)

  9. Hot – Live in Phoenix, fall weather please come….

    Slowed – need more motivation.

    Curious – on how things are made & done.

    Self conscious – of myself, my art & my blog but getting better.

    Reader – Got e-reader Nook and reading has doubled.

    Disorganized – No explanation needed.

    I think I am all kinds of mixed up. I would like to change just the first 2.

    first step would be to: Stop thinking about it and Just Do It.

  10. exhausted, beat, nervous, excited, not-hungry, thankful. I want four word replacements please. thinking/hoping/praying an announcement to be made tomorrow will go a long ways in helping.


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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