August 5, 2011

it's a wrap: studio saturday

It doesn't take much to make this old girl giddy. Just give me a few good days in the studio and I'm a happy camper. My bum arm was good to me this week. Along with physical therapy, I'm learning the art of damp heat and gentle yoga (with Sophie) to start out, then ice in the evening - with a nice glass of wine. (The wine is the mental part of the therapy.)

Without further ado and babbling, here tis my weekly crap wrap. HaHa. Pardon my sad, sad sense of humor. Oh, and click the picture if you'd like to see more pics in the shop.

studio waterstone
This is so perfectly sized. Wish I'd made a pattern but alas, I did not.

studio waterstone
Remember this snakeskin-patterned leather? It turned into a tote!

studio waterstone
I found lusciously soft periwinkle suede just recently and quickly used most of it on this great tote as well as the crossbody shown below.

studio waterstone
I am madly in love with the comfort and look of the crossbody.
It has the perfect chunky clasp from a belt I recycled many months ago and the strap is wide and so soft. Love.


So can you believe it? I actually added four new bags to my shop this week.
Yes, it was indeed a pretty successful week for Studio Waterstone. And the best news?
Not only did my arm NOT fall off, it's practically devoid of pain. Yay!

Tell me about your week?
Tell me AT LEAST one good/happy/thankful thing that occurred.


  1. I love them all especially the first and last ones.

  2. Lori, all the bags are spectacular! I love the snake skin one espeically! Good thing that happened this week was the Aug. 2011 Bead Trends arrived and our necklace was inside. That gave mom and I a warm and fuzzy feeling! You take care of that arm girl! Have a great Saturday and see you tomorrow!

  3. I love you bags! I am so glad your arm is better. Have that, been there. Good thing this week - cool weather, great meals and made lemon cupcakes! ( a friend shared her whoopie pie recipe, can't wait)

    Happy Saturday.

  4. Glad you are back and feeling better. That browm bomber jacket purse rocks!

  5. Your bags are beautiful and efficient! Great job!


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