August 14, 2011

looky looky

I am absolutely certain that a rhyme should follow that title but my game is not on and I'm drawing a blank. Any suggestions? Read on. Maybe you'll come up with something...

studio waterstone giveaway

First, the "looky looky" is to point your eyes to your immediate left sidebar. See those pretty little sponsor ads? These wonderful folks are participating in last week's sponsor ad offer and their buttons are intended to direct your attention to some terrific shops and blogs. Be sure to peruse and visit.

The "looky looky" also refers to that hot little number pictured above. Deadline for this giveaway was last Friday night and the winner of the recycled leather cuff and journal is...

~ Sally Russick ~

Congrats Miss Sally! Contact me and I'll send your swag ASAP.


NOW. Did you come up with an ending to the rhyme?
Comment your rhyme. I need a good Monday laugh to get my week rolling.


  1. Grab a cookie :-)
    sure wish the winner was me but congrats Sally!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Our you kidding me!!! I'm happy dancing all over the place!!! Woot! Woot! THANK YOU!!

    Looky, Looky, lets eat some cookies, while perusing the blog badges for some jewelry!!

    Everyone's badges looks great. I'm going to have design myself one!;)

    Thanks again Lori I will email you ASAP!!

  4. Looky Looky
    This is so sad
    We're out of cookies
    Uh oh, my bad!


  5. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Sally's the winner,
    Not you....

    ( expanding on your theme )

    LOL Congrats Sally!!!

  6. Looky, looky at this cuff!
    I could never have enough.
    Sally is the lucky one.
    Wearing this will be such fun!

  7. Yay Sally!!! You'll love your cuff, of that there's no doubt :) And yeah, I don't rhyme so well, so I'll leave that to the others ;)

  8. Lucky girl!

    Those cuffs are delightful! I want one!! :)


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