August 5, 2011

project runway thoughts and opinions

*Spoiler Alert!* If you've not yet watched last night's episode of Project Runway, read no further!

Last night's episode involved challenging the contestants to gather materials from a pet store and create an non-traditional outfit.

Right off the bat: Bert was lucky he had immunity. And sadly, I think he was lazy in his design - and a little snobbish. Boo Burt.

I couldn't believe that they kept Bryce, a.k.a. pet pee pad tissue boy.


So that's my opinion just right off the top of my head.

I'm looking for your opinions, thoughts. Discussion!

Oh, and have a wonderful Friday.


  1. I too was surprised with who they eliminated. So, I'll be participating in an interview with Joshua today and posting an interview with the eliminated designer every Monday!

  2. No way! Very cool, Kristin. I'll be there.

  3. No way Kristin! So cool.
    I think that Burt was totally lazy and not inspired at all.
    I too am shocked that Bryce was saved.
    I preferred the bird seed dress even though it was too short.

  4. I totally agree...Burt was a downer and did not play along. I thought the bird seed dress should have won as I totally did not get the sherpa bodice..Yuck! The pea pad dress was terrible....How creative is it to glue a bunch of napkins on for a skirt??

  5. I completely agree about Bert. His lack of creativity and attitude was very disappointing. And I'm sure the judges will keep that in the back of their minds!

    I understand the reasoning for letting Joshua go even though wee wee pad boy should have been the one. Joshua barely made it last week and he didn't get creative with pet supplies like he was supposed to. I think he would have done better the longer he stayed.

  6. Bottom 3 - I loved the little red/orange dress in the bottom and three and could not understand why they were so bored by it. I thought that the blue "wee-wee" dress should have been eliminated.

    Top 3 - I thought the bird seed dress should have won, but I suppose the winner was a close second. I did not like the fish tank top and see through skirt with parrot mirror.

    Burt was really snobbish. Perhaps he didn't realize the types of competitions he'd be competing in?

  7. Ditto, ditto and more ditto!
    Bert phoned it in.
    Pee pads are not the new black.
    And the birdseed dress, and the aquarium rock tops were outstanding. (Although the accessorizing by that guy was hilarious with the chew toy shoes and the parrot mirror. Edit, people!)
    I want to know more about what Kristin is doing. I am checking that out!

    Enjoy the day!

  8. I ABSOLUTELY agree with SoftFlexgirl. As well, I agree with all of you about Burt's participation. I hope he can keep up with the challenges.

  9. Pee pads were the new black in the little purple lilac number. Did you see that dress. Who would ever guess that was made from pee pads? Unfortunately pee pads do not make a great blue tutu for a grown woman.

  10. GAH! I had to run out and missed the last comments...

    Erin, your comment cracked me up re: pee pads are not the new black.

    Agree Softflex, the purple dress was a hit and...

    I kinda did like the red "halloween" dress.

    Sometimes the judges can really confuse you.

  11. Come on really, Pee pad boy should have been out the door! Yeah, Burt was lazy and he better shape up if he wants to stay, but I think the old guy has it in him. I was happy for Sherpa hamster bedding boy...I think he is sweet and I love his accent.

  12. Hated the pee pad napkin whatever dress...loved the bird seed dress, can't bend over in that one...


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