August 18, 2011

real stuff for the 40-ish crowd

Correct me if I'm wrong, and maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places, but when I peruse the plethora of fashion blogs in the blogosphere, I'm hard-pressed to find things that I, a woman of 40-ish+++, would feel totally comfortable wearing.

Am I right or am I right???

On that note, and in the spirit of "I am woman over 40-ish plus. Hear me roar.", today marks the beginning of a feature for our often overlooked demographic. (Psst - you really don't have to be over 40 to read)

One great source for appropriate ensembles is Polyvore and Pinterest. I've located four outfits that are most assuredly drool-worthy. I hope you enjoy these and, even though it's still hot outside, it gets you in the mood for fall. Oh, and all of these images are from Pinterest.

studio waterstone

Comfort and Style. Boots. Scarf. :)

studio waterstone

Simple, Comfortable Elegance

studio waterstone

Did someone mention comfort? Did you see the Toms?
They feel like bedroom shoes - and they're CUTE!

studio waterstone

I especially love the acorns. ??? Great outfit, though.
Again, loving the scarf to finish it off.

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?


  1. I love all of those outfits Lori! Especially the boots in the first pic.

  2. Yepper, you are right (speaking as a bit more than 40ish). Not a lot out there for fashion blogs. I'd wear any of these. I'd still like to have my 20 year old hips and bottom though.

  3. I love all those outfits and would totally wear them before some of the outfits geared toward those 20's girls... and i'm only almost 28!

    course i would rather be comfortable!!!

  4. I love these outfits!!! Perfect for a mid thirty year old..Now if I could just purchase them...Thank you for sharing :0)

  5. Great post, Lori! I'd love to wear any of these and I'm 50-ish++. I like the way the scarves and bags kick the outfits up a notch.

  6. Hi Lori,
    Great clothes. I would wear them all.
    The accessories need work. A cool bracelet for sure for each outfit and some great earrings not just plain studs. Cute studs would work.

  7. I went from being irked at being excluded from the 40+ crowd to looking forward to fall and wearing these clothes. how did you do that? I hate the cold and really dislike the fall for that reason!

  8. These are great outfits! I'd def wear any of them...

    As to where I get my fashion inspiration, I'm woefully clueless!

  9. Ah, thank you. 42 - and in love with the second!

  10. A woman of the 50ies over here and would be thrilled to wear any of these!

    Does anyone have a good source for wide(and I mean wide) calf boots like the ones pictured? Got me some good German stock legs over here and on my bucket list is "own a nice pair of true leather boots".

    Oh and to SummerStudio.....ditto.

  11. Zappos has just what you're looking for, Cath.

  12. I think you've managed to show off outfits that are ageless! I'm in the 30ish group and would wear all of those :) (of course I have to dress "professionally" during the work week so I would have worn clothes like that in my 20s too)


  13. These are gorgeous, timelessly classic and stylish choices - love them all!

    Thanks for sharing and for thinking of all of us in the over 40 crowd! Although I agree w/whomever said they could really be for any age because they're so wonderful!


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