August 23, 2011

rool #1

Ever have one of THOSE days?

studio waterstone

I did yesterday. I accomplished a lot. I held my head high. I was my "glass is half full" self.

But no matter what, there always seemed to be a tiny hole in the bottom of the glass

draining. drip. drip. drip.

Complaints only drag you down. So...

Tuesday will be a fine, good, maybe even wonderful day.
Glass is full. Let us begin.

Hope you day is full of fine, good, maybe even wonderful things.


  1. I love your message and that photo! Gizmo, our Maine Coon cat, is the boss of us and the neighborhood cats. His nickname is "Tony Soprano!" He got that name when my daughter was coming up the walk to the house and saw him spitting out orange fur ... he's black!

  2. What a hoot!!! Thanks for the laugh and the message, which will surely help me get going this morning.

  3. Tuesday will indeed be a wonderful day! Great message, and oh so totally true too :)

  4. That message and photo really made me smile this morning, thank you for that and here's to a non leaky, half full glass day!

  5. Yes, Tuesday is going to be a Great day! xo

  6. You have started my day out just fine Miss Lori, thank you for making me smile!
    Love your bossy dog and sidekick!

  7. That picture had me chuckling! Thanks for the laugh and the message!

  8. Wednesday will be even better. Especially if we can get together tomorrow for lunch!

  9. Awww, that is what my furry babies do everyday. It is too hot for them to go outside during the day.

  10. I really respect your attitude Lori. I will bookmark this post and check it out when I am having a bad day as something to aspire to.
    It was wonderful meeting Kelley this weekend, I wish we all lived closer, I know there would be lots of laughter.

  11. If you need any support and a roll of duct tape to fix that darn leaky glass of yours, just call me.

    Otherwise, have a GREAT Tuesday.

  12. Yup, I've had those days, as well as the "other" ones!
    Love this shot. So perfect for your post.

  13. XOXO preaching to the choir - some days I feel like there isn't even a glass but I'm pretending there is one anyway.


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