August 31, 2011

score!! and other happenings

studio waterstone
I scored! Luckily, I've got a friend who is a serious techie geek - even more so than me. He let me in on the HP Touchpad sale Sunday morning. I immediately went online and acquired this sweet little baby for the total price of $150.00. I love it. LOVE it. Love it so much I'm driven to distraction.

studio waterstone

new clutches and key pouches for the shop are in the works this week.

studio waterstone

...a ga-morgeous brown leather bag. Get a gander at those front pockets.


And it looks like I'll be having lunch with my bud, Kelley Wenzel. Fun!

So that's my day. What's going on in your world?


  1. I splurged big on an iPad at the end of June and it's been the best money I ever spent. Enjoy your tablet, too, what a price!!

  2. Sweet, I just may have to get me a touchpad too.

  3. Sounds like you got a great deal! We just now finally purchased a HD video camera this weekend…may be a little behind in the tech department. ;)

  4. Lunch was awesome with you! So glad we were able to meet up. LOVING the new bags in the works on your sewing table, too!

  5. That rocks!! The tablet, the price, those pockets and that brown leather all if it, it totally rocks! Congrats!!!

  6. You always make Magic! Such lovliness!! ox


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