September 26, 2011

may not feel like it, but...'s time to get ready for fall. Here in the south, we're only receiving a marginal break from the scorching summer heat. Doesn't mean that cooler days aren't just around the corner.


It's design time for Studio Waterstone - possibly the most exciting part of my entire process. This week, I'll be creating new cases and clutches. Then I'm moving on to laptop cases, key pouches, and finally large bags. Okay, not all this week. My arm aches at the thought!


In my opinion, the best part of making is the initial design process.
Which part do you love, the conceptualizing, sketching, hand's on work,
or the end result?


for your monday inspiration...



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Have a wonderful Monday.

Psst...bottom 3 images are from Pinterest.


  1. Love your post today! I think I love the excitement of creating the most - then the finished project gets me really jazzed!

    Playing with beads in the middle is pretty cool too

  2. Sundays and Mondays start very well when I read your blog. :) As far as your excellent question, my favorite part of the creation process is immersing myself in the 'making' of it. When everything blends and I know/feel that the design is 'right'. :)

  3. I like the hands on part. then I can see what I've envisioned coming to fruition, and I feel productive too.


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