September 11, 2011

monday inspiration

Kind of excited about getting back to the studio after a week of readying this house for the fabulous Atlanta housing market and sending Mr. W off to Ohio. I'm locking myself in the studio today - happily.

Thought I'd also show off a couple of banners I worked on last week for Shel and Marsha. Very happy with how they turned out. You can click on the photo to see how they actually look on their blogs.



And last but not least, a little Monday inspiration to get you going...


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new banner - thanks so much!! Your talents are endless!!

  2. Love it! How can I get a button on your blog and a new blog banner for my page?
    Shannon C

  3. Nice job on the new banners! You're so crafty :)

    Yay for being back in your studio to create today. I'm in mine, too. Cheers!

  4. Awesome, lovely work on the new banners! Love 'em! And yay for studio time :) Nothing like it, is there? And your inspiration is perfectly timed!


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