September 28, 2011

a prized possession

studio waterstone

You probably wouldn't guess that one of my most prized possessions is a wooden dough bowl. But it's not just any wooden dough bowl. It belonged to Pome and Minnie Rae.

studio waterstone

Pome was my grandfather. It was his job to make the biscuits each day. He would mix the ingredients, then knead the dough in this very bowl as Grandmother Bailey prepared the meal. Such wonderful memories.

studio waterstone

My family will sigh and give it a healthy eye roll when I begin to reminisce about Pome and Grandmother Bailey and their dough bowl. They can be cruel. Terribly, evil and cruel.

studio waterstone

I love, love, love my dough bowl.

Do you have a treasured possession or family heirloom, full of memories?


  1. On my wedding day my mom gave me the pearl pinkie ring my dad proposed with.
    I also have my Grandfather's ring. When he died we thought it was lost or stolen. Then several years later my grandma died. When we were cleaning out her home we found an old jewelry box that we didn't think much of. Turns out she had hidden his ring in there. My mom let me have it, it is not worth anything except to me.
    Ahhh, memories :-)

  2. What a beautiful bowl. I remember my Grandmother's dough bowl, but don't know what happened to it. Wish it were still around.

    I have a statue that belonged to my Mother's Grandmother, and while I never met her it is one of my most prized possessions. It holds so much family history.

  3. I am thrilled to see your dough bowl and hear your special story about how your Pome would be a partner with your Grandma to put the meal on the table..your bowl is a true treasure. - We found a large, very large, wood bowl at the local Kiwanis Thrift this weekend and I had said to the MR. since it was so large could it be a dough bowl. It looks just like yours. Ours says Parrish on the bottom. - I will think of you and your story when I use it, we have had 2 batches of popcorn in it already! xo

  4. I think one of the reasons I have always loved vintage is I didn't grow up with any family so I don't have any "family" heirlooms but I end up making heirlooms out of things I love like my sterling charm bracelet. I love your bowl - it's like mental chicken soup.

  5. What sweet stories! I love hearing about these treasures. And Patty - I have no doubt that you're making your own memories.

  6. Your bowl looks well worn and loved!
    My great grandmother crocheted doilies without using a pattern. She could crochet for hours and I would watch her the whole time. I have several doilies she made and I think of her every time I look at them.

  7. I was just listening to a story about history and how we as a society tend to keep the pretty things and the things that are useful......used every day.....tend to get discarded. So wonderful that you have something that was used and loved and has so many memories. One of my favorite things is a pincushion of my grandmothers....
    Thanks for sharing

  8. I love things like that too. I guess i'm a big nostalgical...
    In the basement overhere i still have the cradle where I, my brothers, my nephews and nieces, my father and his sisters, my grandmother and her mother slept in when we were born... I don't have children and will never have them, but this piece must remain a part of our family !
    I eat every day out of a plate of my grandmother and i do remenber it from when i was a child and visited her. Recently an aunt gave me the good ' sunday ' china my grandmother used to have when she was still alive and i'm always very proud when I use it ! ( and for me it is also my ' good ' china : i only use it when i have people coming over to diner ) You can see the china on my blog :

  9. I have one of these, and I still use it!
    It was my Grandma's.


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