September 10, 2011

saturday organization

Woohoo! It's the weekend and I'm cleaning today. Okay, I'm shouting out a little less enthused "woohoo" than you may hear from others on a bright, blue Saturday.

studio waterstone lori plyler

In honor of organization, I thought I'd pass along a few wonderful ideas I've found posted on Pinterest - all favorites and all on my list for great, stylish organization.

To find each project, just click here to see my DIY page on Pinterest.
Then click the picture if you'd like to see the original source.

Have a great Saturday.


  1. Love your posts Lori! These are great stylish make me smile!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh! Thanks for sharing this! The middle one looks like it's a metal tray turned into a magnet board? Just what I needed :)

  3. Seriously... why am I not following you yet?! Totally changing that :)

  4. I'm absolutely loving the tea tins!!

  5. Seriously Wendy? And we've "known" one another for how long? Yes, you must remedy that. :)

  6. *love* all of these...couldn't tell you which is my favorite!

  7. These are all great ideas! Some a little too involved for me to keep up with (like rewriting the week on chalkboards) but beautiful nonetheless!

    I just started on Pinterest. I'll add some of these to my new collection.

  8. These are amazing ideas! I will definitely use one of them!

  9. Oh wow Lori, these are great organuzational ideas and I plan on utilizing at least the bull clips and the jelli roll pan ideas. Oh and by the way love the new banner!

  10. Thank you, Therese. I've been playing again trying to come up with something for fall. That's one of about 15. I obsess a little.

  11. I'm on Pinterest as well, what a wonderful tool for all sorts of inspiration. I love your pins (and your posts)!

  12. These are really great ideas! Love the tins! I'm a sucker for vintage tins!

    I'm loving the new blog banner Lori! The one that was up before this one was really great too!

  13. I had pinned 3 out of 4 of these too! Cool ideas!

  14. Thanks for sharing! I love the cord organizers using binder clips; genius solution for one of my daily challenges (searching for cables under the desk). Cheers!
    Lori D.


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