September 12, 2011

spanish omelet - my version

You know that moment of panic/dread/disgust that happens around four o'clock each afternoon? Food panic. I'm usually pretty good about keeping a weekly menu to avoid such calamities. Yes, I am one of THOSE people who actually makes a menu - but only to avoid calamities. One little problem...

Mr. W does the grocery shopping - at least he did while he was home for eight months. Now he's gone and I suck at grocery shopping. After the woe is me episode passed, I said to myself, "Self, get a grip! Grow up! Cook something!"

This is my emergency, use what you have, very delicious recipe for a Spanish omelet.



Heat a skillet with a little olive oil swirled around the bottom.
Add your egg mixture.
Spread the cheese and other ingredients across half of the eggs.
Once the bottom has firmed up a bit, fold in half.
Tip: Two spatulas do the job better than one!

I top it off with a little more cheese, salsa, and sour cream.


What does one drink with a dinner omelet?
Milk? Coffee? Blue Moon with a slice of orange?


  1. Yum! And a glass of red wine! :)

  2. Ok...looks good...but what on earth is a blue moon?!

  3. Ah, Jenni, they must not have Blue Moon in Australia. My condolences. It's a delicious beer that's made even more delicious by adding a slice of orange.

  4. That's beautiful!! Looks delicious and also looks like you had intended to create something fancy all along... no one would have known the difference! :) *Ice cold milk :)))

  5. Don't feel badly, Jenni. I live less than five miles from Mrs. Waterstone and I had no clue what Blue Moon was, either. Apparently I am poorly schooled with it comes to beers. But then, my answer for the drink would have been a tall glass of milk.

  6. I'm loving these answers! I actually had a tall glass of cold milk...then later had a glass of wine. :)

    Ms. Wenzel, clearly we should enjoy a Blue Moon together.

  7. Blue moon with the orange for sure ~ gotta get all of those fruit and vegi servings in each day :)

  8. Every night is a dinner panic night at my house. I will add this to the list, looks better than plain old scrambled eggs.

  9. That looks amazingly good - YUM! Can I come over when you cook that again :) Have a good one!

  10. Barbara! Mimosa!! Where was my brain? It's breakfast. It's brunch. It's dinner. I will have champagne on hand next time I do this.

  11. Gosh, this looks so good Lori!
    If I were having this in the morning, I am sure it would be coffee, but for dinner? Definitely a glass of wine.


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