October 21, 2011

about that free featured ad...

But first, TGIF! Man has it been a week. While sparing you the gory details, I've had a dog with stomach issues, a hobbling cat on drugs, a realtor's luncheon in which I was asked to display my wares (translate...set up, have everything ship-ready, priced, tagged, etc), and work. TGIF and TGIF.

studio waterstone
(almost finished!)

Now, about that free featured ad space. I'm so excited about this. As stated in this post, I'm interested in promoting YOU and giving you a space. That space is to your immediate right. See the two, rather large, featured ads? Yep, that's it!

You want your ad to be fantastic, right? So do I. I want viewers to be absolutely compelled to click and see what's behind that little button! That's my only requirement, I need to approve the final space. But the good news is that if you're having trouble putting something together, I'll help you.

The details...

Comment here as to why you think you need this featured advertising spot. Comments are open through tomorrow night (Saturday, 10/22) and on Sunday morning, we'll draw for a space to go with Gardanne and Grimm & Grete. It will be added ASAP and it will run through next Saturday night. Next Friday we'll do the same thing except that time it'll be all three free ad spaces! No catch, no charge, no nothin' except a great advertising space for your shop or blog. Capeesh?

If you don't capeesh, just give me a shout. Otherwise, tell me why you need that space.

Good luck!!!


  1. Capeeeeeeeeeeeesh! Happy Friday - I have been so overwhelmed lately where did the flipping week go???

  2. Well, who wouldn't want to advertise on your lovely blog! I'd love to throw my hat in the ring. Thank you!

  3. I would love to have that ad spot. For a few reasons. Because your blog totally rocks. And I think the ad will reach out to a different clientele. And because I just made a nice ad button similar to that size and it'd be a real shame to let it go to waste! ;)

  4. oh wow! I'd love that ad spot! who wouldn't, your blog is awesome and with the holidays coming up it would be a preeeeeeeeemo opportunity to get some extra exposure and shine! :)

  5. My previous ad with you brought many new people to my shop, and I would love to have that happen again. You also have one of the most engaging blogs I've ever read.

    (Besides, I need to learn how to work photoshop better!)

  6. I was just looking at your services for banner design. I so need help in that area! I love your graphic work! I just need to get my stuff together, ie some great pictures... I'd love to advertise on your blog! I've not tried any ads at all before, and I think it's well beyond time I do it.

  7. I'm in if you will have me. I would love to have the spot if not next week then sometime :-)

  8. Lori: It would be uber cool to be selected for the free ad. Not only do I enjoy your blog but I appreciate your work in helping people improve the look of their business. I definitely could use the boost to my shop that your readership would provide.


  9. Wow, I'd love to have a spot on your blog! I'm working on a button!

  10. PICK ME, PICK ME {hand waving}
    I would LOVE to have an ad space!!!

    Seriously...I would be honored...xo
    Thanks for the chance, Maria

  11. I capeesh and I love having an ad on your blog (because its so purty) but I'll wait until the round next week to compete fiercely since I know I wouldn't have photoshop time to make a beauteous blog button until then :)


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