October 4, 2011

earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

Serious can be so dull. I think it's good to intersperse the deep, thoughtful questions with a few light, cheerful, thoughtless ones. Don't you think? So, this week we're swinging more toward thoughtless.

studio waterstone

The unhealthiest meal I've eaten is...

My Answer:
Okay, once Jessie (my model) and I were having a girl's weekend. It was before she got sick so she must have been about 11. Anyway, we rented fun chick flicks and each ate a massive plate of homemade french fries then topped it off with hot fudge brownies a la mode for dessert. Jessie got a stomach ache. I think I finished her fries. :-)

Now it's your turn. Spill.


  1. I know I have eaten a whole batch of brownies for dinner before. Both as a teenager and as an adult. It was just the batter. Would have taken too long to bake them.

  2. easy - totally chocolate dinner and utensils are optional... it is this fun thing i try to do with the kids once a year...

  3. Made a batch of Rice Crispy Treats and then ate.the.entire.thing.

    I am now completely off sugar. Wonder why?!

  4. So... I want very much to write traditionally about Sophie from photo of banner - she is so full of elegance with her shawl! Excellent!
    Greetings for you both!

  5. A bag of freshly popped kettle corn at the local craft festival, followed by three Hot Krispy Kreme Donuts on the drive home!


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