October 5, 2011

fashion for the rest of us

But first...ever have one of those funky, wacky weeks? I think I'm there. I've got a stack of really pretty new clutches that are begging me, "Please Miss Lori, please add us to the shop. That's what we're here for!" And I just can't seem to get my groove on! What's with? My fingers are crossed that tonight is the night...er...hopefully.

studio waterstone

I have been on a clutch binge. Thinking that big bags are calling my name next. Big bags and clutches are so happy when paired with trendy fashion - trendy fashion for the rest of us. Here's what I've found this week.

white sweater dress
Sweater Dress from Muza (seriously, does this picture rock or what?)

Necklace from Nina Bagley

j crew coat
Coat from J. Crew

zebra print
Outfit found on Pinterest

Necklace from Lorelei Eurto

gray sweater
Outfit found on Pinterest

sweater dress
Sweater Dress from Sundance Catalog

sharon's necklace
Necklace from Livewire Jewelry

What's your favorite?


  1. Lori, what a gorgeous line up of talent! And I'd love each and every one of the outfits you found (except sweater dresses are probably not my friend). :-)

  2. Love your fashion ideas. I just don't know what works on my lumpy body anymore....

    Isn't it weird how you go through phases? I'm on this table runner kick. And I'm sewing aprons again after swearing them off. I know that I can't be a manufacturing plant. I'd go crazy if all I did was sew the same things day in and day out. It is much more stimulating to be creating new things!

  3. I LOVE that outfit with the orange scarf. So pretty!

  4. Great post as usual!!
    I met Nina once in a bathroom and she said she liked my shoes. I felt like I met a movie star and she was talking to me! She made my day!! She liked my taste!

  5. Beautifulness! Loving the sweater dressses.

    (your clutch colors are perfection)

  6. LOVING the new clutches making their way into the shop. Such awesome colors and fabrics!

  7. Lori - I'm really loving your new cluthes!

    Love the reds like the one of yours the hubby got me - they're so beautiful! I can't wait to see them in your shop.

  8. Thank you for including my necklace in your post today!

    I love the outfits shown here. THE orange Scarf Mmmmmmmmy Favorite!

  9. Hello,
    today nothing about Sophie, excuse me:)
    I want to write my absolutely favorite is necklace from Livewire Jewelry. Greetings from Poland:)

  10. You find the most wonderful things Lori!
    Thank you for sharing.


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