October 2, 2011

inspire me monday

As one of the few people who loves Monday, I still need a little inspiration (along with a strong cup of coffee) to get going each week. In that spirit, here's my teensy dose of Inspire Me Monday. Hope it's contagiously catchy.


Inspirational Meal Planning - yes, cooking can be deliciously inspiring. really.
no, really.


five tips
A Beautiful Mess inspiration tips


Things I Do to Get Inspired
1) Take a walk and look at the world through my camera lens.

2) Clean my studio - I'm always surprised at what I find.

3) Look through my past work. Freaky, right? You can really be inspired by your own work.

4) Take a shower. Don't know why but I've always done my best thinking in the shower.

5) Sketch patterns and shapes I see indoors and out. Then work them into my designs.

Where do you go for inspiration?


  1. I have a colleague who is constantly citing an "epiphany in the shower" as the source of his new ideas so you certainly aren't alone on the deep cleaning, deep thinking! :)

  2. Love your ideas. I do get a lot of ideas in the shower! I am also inspired by surrounding myself with creative people. I keep several notebooks ready in my studio for ideas.

  3. Love Tortilla Soup!! And, your inspiration advise is wonderful!

  4. Great ideas for inspiration. I have tons of fabric and sometimes just looking at it is all I need to be inspired. I'm not usually thinking too hard in the shower...that's where I let my inner Adele come out!


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