October 31, 2011

monday inspiration

Greetings from Ohio! After our "short" nine hour drive yesterday, I am now temporarily residing in an extremely white and uninspired apartment. My job this week is to turn it into something beautifully liveable on the cheap. Any suggestions?

For this week's inspiration, I'm showing you a few ideas I've bookmarked on Pinterest. Please add to the list with your fantastic ideas and, as always, I hope this leaves you inspired and ready for a new week.

paint chip mural

felted sweater throw

thrifted, painted frames with corkboard

image transfer onto canvas

thrifted & felted sweater pillow

fabric or paper covered box tops

images printed on large mailing labels and applied to filing boxes

Inspired? I sure am. Now I'm off to the thrift shops in Ohio. But I need your help...
Please give me your quick suggestions. This place is DULLSVILLE.
More to follow.

Have a wonderful, inspired Monday.


  1. Staple fabric or wallpaper over canvas, bright flowers, cheery cushions, blue tack up posters, nice bed linen and bright towels are all relatively inexpensive!
    Lucky you... Blank canvas....great fun!

  2. Lori, what an exciting situation to be in! Hit up a restaurant supply place for some stainless steel bowls. That shiny surface always goes well with everything. And of course, pick up items and spray paint everything for a coordinated look. Right now, Christmas decorations should be out, and Christmas balls in a glass jar are always pretty. Please post pics as you work on it!

  3. I'm terrible at decorating. I think the first thing to do is settle on a style. For an example, I'm liking the Bohemian style of colorful patterns paired with dark accents such as wood and metal.

    I know you'll do an outstanding job. I hope you post before and after photos!

  4. Curtains with color...something that you love that should be first. Good luck in Dullsville!

  5. I love that paint chip mural - I would love to have a studio w/all white walls and then that - center stage - how inspiring!

    Good luck w/your project this week - hope things turn out well. Can't wait to see pics!

  6. I dream of someday having a very contemporary black and white look - maybe with a little color or gunmetal gray thrown in here and there - spare but sophisticated.

  7. All great! I love that last one. That is so very clever to show off a special picture!
    Enjoy the day.

  8. Where in Ohio? Are you near Granville (Dennison Univ) there is a great thrift store there.

    Also, my sister frames great wrapping paper and puts it up. Wonderful!

  9. Use fabric in embroidery hoops for instant wall art! Good luck and have fun!

  10. I think scrapbook paper on canvas or foam core board makes a great wall collage!

  11. Wow, awesome picks all around! Thanks for this wonderful inspiration to start the week.


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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