October 17, 2011

popular diy tutorials

If you're fairly new to Studio Waterstone, I thought you may be interested in a couple of the most popular diy tutorials from days gone by. (Makes me sound really old, doesn't it?)


The first tutorial shows you what actually goes into creating an eco-friendly handbag. Of course, each bag isn't made the same way using the same materials. But this gives you a general idea of my process. This tutorial was broken down into two different posts.

studio waterstone tutorials

The first post, The Making of a Waterstone Handbag, deals with the deconstruction, playing, and planning.

studio waterstone tutorials

The second post, Waterstone Tutorial: the Making of an Eco-Friendly Handbag, brings in sketches and construction all the way to the end result.

studio waterstone tutorials

Another favorite is the necklace tutorial which shows you how I combined recycled leather, fabric, gemstones, and linen to create what I thought, was a pretty rockin' necklace.

studio waterstone tutorials

Now, I ended up giving that necklace away in a drawing. So don't get all excited when you see the giveaway part of the post, because that baby is gone.

I hope this helps to spark a little inspiration! Maybe coerce you to break out that sewing machine and play around with all of those scraps that seem to accumulate on a regular basis?


  1. Thanks for the re-cap! Your tutorials and work are gorgeous.

  2. Really great tutorials and photos! I love that you use all parts of the leather jacket.


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