October 27, 2011

three fantastic artists and an opportunity

I couldn't think of a better way to begin a new tradition of sponsoring artists, photographers, and fellow bloggers than to begin with this trio. This week I was thrilled to host three fantastic artisans and I sincerely hope that you visit their shops as they all have something beautifully unique to offer.

Anne, of Gardanne: Handmade Glass and Enamel Beads, entices us with the vibrant color and graceful curves in her glass beads. Currently, her enameled keys are at the top of my wishlist.

If you're less into making and more into wearing, Lisa, from Grimm & Grete: Urban Bohemian Chic Jewelry for the Modern Romantic, draws you in with her gorgeous jewelry. I'm drooling over this blue quartz necklace.

Maria, from Garden Path Beads, had me at whimsical. She creates fun, colorful glass beads such as a bird's nest and eggs, adorable carrots and radishes, and my favorite, the starfish. Imagine the fun you'd have creating jewelry using her beads!


Interested in having your shop, website, or blog featured? I'm interested in promoting YOU and giving you a space. That space is to your immediate right. See the three, rather large, featured ads? Yep, that's it! And the best part is that it's free. Yep, free - otherwise known as spreading the love.

The details...

Visit this weeks artisans then come back and let everyone know what you loved. Comments are open through Saturday night, October 29th and on Sunday morning, we'll draw for FOUR spaces to go in the "Featured Artists" spot in the right sidebar.

If you're chosen, your advertisement will be added ASAP and it will run through next Saturday night. Next Friday we'll do the same thing except that time it'll be all four free ad spaces! No catch, no charge, no nothing except advertising space for your shop, website, or blog. Capeesh?

For the full details (size requirements, etc), head over to this page. But be sure to come right back here and comment to toss your name in the hat.

Good luck!!!


  1. Gardanne Glass Beads - loving the enamel branches and the keys; Grimm & Grete - the hemaklyke chain bracelet; Garden Path - fat fluffy sheep turn me on so loving the lamb bead.

  2. lori, you are really so generous to support others on your blog...
    gardanne - love the glass focals... grimm & grete - the tassel hematite necklace... the garden path - i am so intrigued by those potato beads!

  3. This is such a generous offer to support other artists on your blog. I think maybe I need to go and add your button to my side bar just cause you are so good. Besides, I love what you make.

    OK, so here it is

    Grimm & Crete-Paua Shell Necklace


    Gardanne-Etched Ivory and Turquois Focal Glass Bead


    Garden Path- Who doesn’t love a hedgehog. Really, who doesn’t?


  4. Garden Path Beads : the carrots are so cute!
    Gardanne: Enameled key

    Grimm and Grete: Chain earrings

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Ohhh, this is hard! Everything is so fabulous!
    Gardanne Glass Beads: The Enameled Ivy Leaves in the Autumn Mix I LOVE the way the enamel makes the leaves look real!
    Grimm and Grete: I love the Simple Love Knot necklace, simple but so very elegant!
    Garden Path: Ohhhh, I love the little octopus! Especially in light blue, my younger daughter would just adore it!

  6. Thanks so much Lori, you have the best and most generous blog ideas.

  7. Thanks Lori - this is awesome!!

  8. Lori, you really are so sweet!
    Thank you...xo

  9. There are so many awesome items from these shops! I had fun browsing. I especially love the Enameled Button Pair from Gardanne.

  10. How very thoughtful of you to this for others!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Gardanne Glass Beads ~~~~ http://www.etsy.com/listing/83761285/glass-lampwork-bead-ocean-metallics

    Grimm & Grete ~~~~

    Garden Path ~~~~

    What great Artisans!!!!

    Smiles, Pam

  11. These 3 make beautiful work. Here are my favorites:

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/82739717/necklace-simple-22k-gold-flower-pendant (I love, love, love their packaging!)

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/69126589/lampwork-rosie-the-turtle-bead (so cute!)

  12. What a wonderful feature this is Lori.
    Thank you for this!!!
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend.

  13. All three shop owners are amazing artists I love the little lamb from Garden Path. But Gardanne's banner has me drooling and completely rethinking my own banner. Think I made need to hire a banner builder. : )
    Thanks for your generous offer of free adverstising!

  14. Thank you Lori for your generosity, and brilliance! You are truly a kind soul.
    Gardanne....loooove the lampworks,
    Grimm and Grete....loooove the raw garnet drop Necklace,
    and garden Path...lovin the mushrooms!
    Each shop showcases such wonderful talent!
    ( I am off to see if I can even make an ad, if you recall helping me tremendously with my blog banner!)
    Thanks for the chance!

  15. oh wow what gorgeous work! my wallet is in danger!

    my faves from each shop are: Gardanne: Keys and Key holes

    Grimm & Grete: Hematite Gemstone Cube Pendant

    Garden Path: Lampwork Flower Bobby Pins!

  16. Lori, What a great idea! Please put my name in the hat. :-)

  17. What a great thing to do! Gardanne enameled yummies and glass focals are gorgeous and grimm and grete I love all the vintagey shabby chic style goodies!

  18. Lori - what a cool thing for you to do!

    Gardanne - I'm liking her Enameled Textured Ovals - the ones that are sort of blue and copper/bronze colored.

    Grimm and Grete - I'm loving the Hamsa Pendant necklace from her Mythologies Collection - that's so delicate and pretty!

    Garden Path Beads - oh my,...not sure I can choose. Love the little garden fairy bead and the out on a limb birdie. But Rosie the Turtle is just too cute for words!

    Thanks Lori ~


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