November 9, 2011

from tiny pouches to weekenders

While away last week, I could only work on what I could carry. And because nobody was willing to move a cast iron, industrial Juki, I worked on a much smaller scale.

studio waterstone bags

Zippered pouches, embroidery needles, and yarn are the perfect traveling companion.
They don't talk back and they look pretty after a long day.

studio waterstone bags

studio waterstone bags

Now that I'm back in the studio, my focus has shifted because the shop is sorely lacking handbags and totes.

studio waterstone bags

Today, I finished this large leather weekender. It's soft and scrunchy and did I say large? It won't go into the shop for another day or so as I need to corner my model. (Making the handbag was easier than cornering the model, if that's any indication)

Handbags and totes will be on the agenda for at least the next two weeks. Leather handbags, such as the one shown above, are made without one of my patterns, which translates into more hours per bag which is kinda fun especially when each bag is totally different.

Speaking of...
It's been a long time since I asked for your opinion...and your opinion matters!

What kind of handbag do you prefer?
Small with a few necessities or large with lots of room?
Single strap or double?
Leather or fabric?
Artistic touches or classically simple?
Colorful or neutral?


  1. I love that weekender bag Lori. I go for black leather mostly with one long strap and at least three pockets inside I carry a lot of stuff but I like it separated into different pockets.

  2. Truthfully, I keep looking at bags in your shop and loving them, but I have this Baggalini bag that is just right and has traveled all over the world with me for several years. If you could capture that bag in your recycled leather, I'd be all over it. It is cross-body and streamlined. So while those bigger bags are delicious and tempting, I hold off. The weekender bag might be the compromise that keeps the old bag and finds a better short trip bag.

  3. I like large bags for travel with outside pockets. Leather is always what I look for. Doesn't matter on the straps but I like simple in design. Love your embroidery bags you made. I would use them all of the time. I'd give away to the girls in my life.

  4. I love the bag you have in your banner. I love leather mixed with thick upholstery type fabric with a large zipper close on the top. At least one outside pocket and a zipper pocket inside and two others that are not zipped inside. I love all the artistic touches like flowers and needle point but sometimes the fabric and leather is enough. One handle that is adjustable or a longer handle so it fits over winter coats.How is that?

  5. Hi Lori, Your embroidery is such a sweet touch on the pouches-reminds me of when I learned to do that. As for bags, I prefer med. to large in size. I like either leather of fabric, usually a neutral and simple but artistic, which I think describes your bags :)

  6. I love that weekender bag, and especially that it is BIG, as I am not a light packer, sadly enough. That bag looks great!

  7. Hello Lori,

    I have drooled over your site since your post at the book-tour. I love those bags you made with the colorful autumn material and the leather. I usually like two straps of medium length, a good size inside and outside pocket and most of the time a zippered top. The mixture of leather and fabric always looks great. But I do have to say I have been quite smitten with your red bag that has the bird at the bottom and the beautiful fabric inside :)

  8. Love the weekender! I typically prefer a leather bag...though mixed with fabric is an added plus. I also prefer longer, two strap handles. I like a bag with lots of room and a top closure is a must! An outside pocket to hold my keys is also a plus!

  9. Lori I am love with the weekender bag! I love, love, love large bags. I love leather and I love both simple and colorful. I like longer straps for the bag to go over the shoulder but I also like your cross body bags too. Have fun making bags and I can't wait to see them to drool all over them!!!

  10. Oh, Miss Lori! Thank you so much for the lovely banner you made for me. What a delight!

    You know that I am still stalking you for the perfect bag, and the crappy-ass one that I carry is having it's pleather wearing off and it is quite disconcerting. SO! I will answer your questions with much joy:

    Small with a few necessities or large with lots of room? Large. I carry a lot of crap. But I don't want it to be so large it looks like I am jetting off for the weekend. My current pleather bag is deceptive, it is large on the inside with great use of pockets yet doesn't look too large. I am almost tempted to send you said pleather bag to deconstruct to use as a pattern. ;-)
    Single strap or double? Single.
    Leather or fabric? Leather. Much more durable for my crazy life.
    Artistic touches or classically simple? I like both. I am not about lots of bells and whistles but your whimsy is so adorable and I love the use of the existing elements like big pockets.
    Colorful or neutral? I like neutral, but I am also drawn to pops of color. Right now my pleather bag is red. I would love a teal or rust orange bag.

    Enjoy the day!

  11. Your on the road work looks great! Good luck with your new bags. I can't wait to see them.

    As far as personal handbag preferences, I like small bags with single straps in neutral colors. Lately I've bought leather but I don't have a strong preference on this. I prefer classic bags. I don't buy a lot of bags so I like to have something that works for many different occasions and won't go out of season/style too quickly.

  12. Hello,, and happy friday,, I love this bag! I prefer medium size to large bags. Love leather! Most of mine are double straps but I've never really thought about that until now,, guess i prefer double. I keep waiting for the day to buy one of your bags. I love them!!


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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