November 16, 2011

randomness, burn out, and a question for you

Today I began working on two new bags with a mix of leather and fabric. Below is my last big piece of this recycled wool - oh, how I wish I had more. This will have a dark strip of recycled brown leather across the bottom and a couple of great straps at the top.

studio waterstone bags

And this will be my first attempt at a backpack. It will have a recycled brown leather zippered pocket on the front, brown leather straps which zip together and this red leather detailing.

studio waterstone bags

More randomness...
Check out this new iPhone App! It's called CamWow.
I can't help but think that some serious creativeness can come from this app.

Pretty Oreo...

Pretty Sophie...

Yikes! What the what? I look like the creature from the black lagoon.


Seems I'm experiencing burn out - recognized it. Been there. Done that.
So I think I'll throw up the old hands, vacate work and blogland for the entire week of Thanksgiving. Oh my. Can she really do it???

About that question...

What's your best cure for burnout?


  1. I'd like to know the answer to that too. Full time job and what must be close to full time jewelry making is killer right now. Can't slow down until after Christmas, can't not go to my job so...

  2. Burnout..the some things you don't normally do. Change up your routines starting with the foods you eat to the exercise routine to the order of your day.
    Change is uncomfortable but it is not a bad thing.
    Changing things up for a short time, lets your mind explore without the boundaries of your normal routine.
    (I met my husband when I was on a "out of the normal zone" ). Before you know it your creative energy will return and you will have a brand new list of projects you can't wait to dive in to.

  3. That app is pretty cool! Taking a break and doing something different is the best thing I can do for burnout. Just like taking a vacation from the job.

  4. Ooooh, I LOVE backpacks that have straps that can zip together to make just one strap. I can't wait to see the finished bag!!!

    Burnout....hmmm, either full-on avoidance and jumping into other tasks. Or full-on jumping into what I am burned out on, but randomly switching colors or shapes to see what new ideas are sparked. Then I just keep following what is new and sparkly.

  5. love those pictures, I do black and white animal pics - not as good as those though :(

    best cure for a burnout is to take a break and only come back when you are ready - if you have to force it it doesn't work.....but that's just my experience :)

  6. Yes, you can do it! It's good to take a break and let your mind and body rest while your soul breathes new life into all that you do. Thanksgiving for us is that special time when we focus on loving each other without all of the expectations that the rest of the holidays bring. It's difficult to do that if you have a zillion tasks and projects in the background. Do it!

  7. Woohoo. Considering it's Thanksgiving time burn-out. I'm gonna go with Pecan Pie. Yep....large pieces of Pecan Pie!

  8. For burnout I usually try to get away, a change of scenery however brief, time to clear my head and then return refreshed to the tasks at hand. Take the break, we all need to do it from time to time.

  9. I pamper myself when feeling burnt out. Cat Nap, bath, massage, manny/pedi, sip of Grand Marnier (sp), soothing stretches, a gentle walk in the park, taking my time to prepare a favorite meal, deep breaths, meeting with positive lower key friends - any one or combination of something reaaaallly relaxing and comforting.

  10. Wow - love the pieces you're getting ready to put together into something awesome! You're the next Kate Spade - I just know it! (only better because your items are waaayyy cooler than hers!)

    As for the burn out thing,'s wild that so many people are commenting on this right now,...not sure if it's the time of year, if it's in the water, or what - but when it happens to me, which is quite often lately - I just walk away and try to do something new, focus on myself more and just step back and breathe!

  11. I follow the advice that some others do for burn out and change up my routine. If I'm stick of making jewelry, I switch to something else for a day or two. Just taking a break from work and getting out of the house for day can help, too. Good luck!

  12. Thanks for the app. Looks like fun to me, too. Burnout..a change of craft or scenery. Works great! Best of luck!

  13. My cure for burnout....the outdoors, a trip faaaar away as possible, surround myself with different things. And it usually involves some reeaally good food somewhre in that mix!

  14. I look forward to seeing the backpack!
    Burnout? The cure for me is finding some "me" time, and moving away from the things I normally do.


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