December 15, 2011

uppers and downers

Today's post is sprinkled with ups and downs.


Time for things to slow down which is a good thing because my arm is ready to fall off. The tendonitis has flared something terrible and, well, remember that question I asked on Wednesday? The one about defining moments?

I actually had two answers to that question. The second I didn't want to face. But in my heart I knew. I can't sew. Not a lick. Not if I ever want my arm to heal. You have no idea how hard it is for me to turn down work, but that's exactly what I'm doing.


So, what's a girl to do? For the time being, I'm returning to my first love of painting. Broke out the watercolors and began to doodle today. I'm also going to focus on photography. And talking to you.


Beggar (somewhere in between): I hope you'll be patient and stay with me.

Downer (and totally random): My blogroll completely disappeared. Did you take it?
Because I need it.


Upper: The handbags and sewing will return later. But for now...


Upper: I heart eyes and faces. It's why I painted portraits for so long.


So there you go. I said it. Out loud. And it didn't hurt. Figuratively speaking.

Super Upper:
Let's hope this journey is full of wonderful turns and deliciously creative messes. Hm?
Care to take a spin into the world of doodling with me?

You never know. Something good may just come from it.


  1. Oh Lori, I sure hope you are better soon, but it sounds like you have some wonderful alternatives to your sewing, and I look forward to seeing your work here.

  2. I am so sorry that the problems with your arm are flaring up again! You are lucky you are multi-talented! Heal fast!

  3. I'm sorry you won't be able to sew for a while and you have to deal with that pesky tendonitis. At least you have other things to keep you busy and creating!

  4. I hope your arm heals quickly -Speaking from some 'elbow' issues myself, it's hard not being able to do what you love, but putting down the needle (or in my case the hammer) really helped and after several months of 'babying' her - she's basically back to normal. You just have to know your limits and learn to say 'no, not today' to certain requests. Hang in there!

    But your painting - Oh my girl, is there anything you CAN'T do? It's lovely - simply lovely!!

  5. I hope that you feel better soon! I'm glad that you have something else creative you can do that you also really enjoy at least.

  6. So sorry for the downers. I know I would feel the same as you. But perhaps this is a way of forcing you into a break that you never would have taken anyway. (I know I am having a hard time saying "no" right now and yet it's mostly making me anxious - not sure it's worth it!) I am not as artistically talented as you, but would love to doodle with you. I really want to get a journal and start sketching ideas. I did take a watercolor class in college - one class in all those years of engineering classes and I loved it. I periodically look through my creations. Even though they are amateurish, I loved creating them. I am confident you will channel your creativity into other arenas during this period!

  7. Lori, time will certainly heal this pain. I hope you have some exercises to strengthen your arms. Sometimes a forced rest and a change of direction will allow you to come back to what you do best with wonderful new ideas that may not have occurred because you were in the throws of work. I have had some health issues of my own and will be taking a month of starting this evening. Time to focus on family, health and rest. Stay in touch and we'll see each other again on the other side.

  8. Oh, those beautiful watercolor eyes...I'm sure whatever you do and share will keep our attention. Well wishes for speedy recovery!!!

  9. I'm so sorry, Lori. I worry what I would do if I couldn't make jewelry!
    Fortunately, you have other talents. You'll make it. Merry Christmas!

  10. Lori, your watercolors look amazing. I can't wait to see more of your painting. I hope you are feeling better soon and I am glad you have another outlet for your creativity.


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