December 9, 2011

a studio peek and a reminder

Be forewarned. I'm ending the week with a peek inside my studio. And I'm sure you'll agree that it's due for a thorough cleaning followed by a serious dose of color.

Items to be mailed out.

A custom backpack.


Love this card. Don't they look happy?


IMG_0589 long time ago.
I'm the one with the super mod striped dress, knee socks, and corsage.

The heavy machinery, a.k.a. The BAG Maker

Geez, it looks like a man with absolutely no imagination or creativity resides here.


The Reminder...

The shop is beginning to dwindle and free shipping is on the table.
Just sayin'.

Have a wonderful Saturday. Play, but don't hurt yourself.


  1. I love that Juki. And I'll come help paint!

  2. Love the super mod striped dress • very chic. We must be similar time zones as I have a few photos of same fashion!

    Fabulous weekend to you!

  3. Whoops it is not here yet! I called by this am to link up to iheartmacro are you doing it this weekend?

  4. Lindy, I messaged you but as an FYI, the macro challenge is posted on Saturday night and runs until Monday morning. See you there!

  5. I love your tags and packaging! I am not the most original when it comes to decorating my studio/craft storage space either. Functionality before aesthetics I guess. Love the striped mod dress, too!

  6. I love seeing old pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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