January 4, 2012

getting down to business in 2012

studio waterstone blog

Getting down to business while NOT getting down to business.

To all of my customers, Studio Waterstone is officially out of production for the short term. Last year, I didn't give my arm sufficient time to heal and now I'm reaping the benefits. I have absolutely no choice this time - no cheating. If you have a gift certificate or are waiting for "just the right bag", rest assured, new things are coming. Hopefully I will be back in production in the spring/summer with beautiful new goodies. Until then...

It's a great time to get down to business. Contradicting what I just said? Not really. It's a great time for examining and fine-tuning my brand, streamlining my styles and offerings, designing and planning for spring - not a small undertaking, but I'm excited about it.

While remaining eco-friendly, I'm going to try to reinvent by adding an element of art - something unique. As stated before, Studio Waterstone will be more streamlined, simple, and organized while continuing to focus on earth friendly, stylish functionality.

Sounds like a good "jumping off point" to me. Care to add your desires and preferences to the list while I'm hot on the design trail? I'd love to hear your opinions.

studio waterstone blog

On a personal level, I'm currently working on photography (staging and photographing products, too) and reading for fun. At the moment, I'm reading Water for Elephants.

Painting will be on the agenda as well as studio organizing - a major undertaking.

I've signed on for 52 Weeks to an Organized Home. Care to join me?

It's a new year with fresh beginnings and exciting possibilities. While I will be absent from Studio Waterstone production, I'll continue to be around here and here and here. See you around!


  1. Lori - sorry your arm is causing problems - so thanksful for my Mom's new back pack and my new blue suede (soft as buttah) cross body bag. I just joined the home organization dealio - I pride myself on being organized but the house is getting a little squishy around the corners these days :-)

  2. A Happy New Year to you and a speedy recovery for your arm. Thanks for the link to the 52 week home organization challenge, believe me, I could use some help.

  3. Lori - I am so sorry you are still having problems with your arm! But, is it really necessary to torture yourself with the 52 Weeks Home Organization Challenge? I went to their site...which is really cool btw...but was immediately scared off when I got to Kitchen Cabinets! For me to organize my cabinets, I would have to get rid of 50% of the stuff in there.....it took me 51 years to accumulate all that trash! But, I wish you luck! Keep us posted on your challenge!!

  4. I want to read Water for Elephants. And then watch the movie. But I have other books on my reading list that are higher on the priorities right now. Grumble.

  5. Oh, happy new year and a speedy recovery!

  6. Oh, dear, not more troubles with your arm. Rest is unfortunately the only solution for healing this type of injury. I'm happy you can look at this as an opportunity. That's such a healthy outlook on life. Just looked at the 52 weeks. It's just what I need. The house isn't chaos yet, just sliding that way. I love the idea of someone else assigning me a weekly task! Thanks for the link. Happy New Year and new beginings.

  7. Thanks girls. The home challenge will be a challenge for me as well - but it's gotta be done!

  8. I'm sorry the healing will take so long, but glad you will be able to keep busy. Everything sounds fun except the house organization thingy. I'm staying in denial about my house!

  9. Lori,
    I am truly sorry to hear your arm is still giving you problems. I really wish I lived closer, I'd truly enjoy helping and just taking in the sweet eye candy of your studio.
    Take time, heal that arm, be thinking good thoughts for you.

  10. Thank you for the great heads up on the 52 week organization. I sure will miss drooling over your work. But what better time for a new purse than spring :) Take care and rest up!!!

  11. I am sorry your arm is "acting up" Lori, and I sure hope it's good-as-new soon. I wish you a wonderful 2012. Off to check out home organization! Sounds like a good idea to me!! Thank you for sharing.

  12. take care of yourself gal ♥ and heal well ♥

    .......... and a wonderful fulfilling new year to you and your family ♦♦♦


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