February 10, 2012

a happy friday at home

After driving for ten hours yesterday through the snow, rain, sleet, and wind (okay it wasn't that bad) I arrived home feeling like this...


After a good night's sleep, I'm kinda like this...


So itching to get going that I don't know what to do first - vacuum, clean bathrooms, do laundry...

I think I'll blog and wish you a happy, inspired Friday instead.

Have a good one!


  1. Wow - those kind of drives can really catch up with you! Those items were on my to do list yesterday....so I sewed instead. I did vacuum afterward because there were threads everywhere! But the bathrooms await....If I had energy I'd do them now and feel the gratification of a job well done...but also have to grocery shop and take my son skiing! Such is life. Have a great weekend and catch up on your rest!

  2. This made me giggle. Happy Friday, have a great weekend :-D

  3. I have to say that I'm NEVER itching to vacuum or any other cleaning......

    Glad you made it home safe and sound!

  4. Long drives, oh boy do I know about those. Wears me out and it takes a few days for me to recover, THEN I get busy with my routine stuff, well...that is after I do a few days of art. LOL

  5. Ah, my nearly lab Alice sleeps on the sofa in exactly the same position. Glad you are home safe and sound.

  6. Oreo looks so chill. what a beauty.

  7. Oreo is always chill. I shall pass along your sweet compliment but she'll probably just toss her nose into the air with indifference. :)

  8. LOVE it! What a fantastic post! I think I'm more like the first photo this morning ;-)

  9. Cleaning and laundry are highly overrated anyway!


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