February 23, 2012

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Oh my. Yesterday was a fog for me. I had to take Jeff to the airport at four a.m. something and the rest of the day was a blur. But while he was home and in his genius way, he suggested that it's a great time to work on my logo, website, spring designs and focus, blog, content, etc. - you get the picture. (It doesn't hurt being married to a marketing fella)

I have a few questions for you. Don't hold back as I'm not fishing for compliments here - constructive criticism is always a good thing.

new logo #1

This was my first attempt at a new logo. I'm thinking that I want to sketch some sort of flower/plant/leaf myself and substitute for the current one. I love simplicity and clean lines - no fancy here. What do you think?

We took lots of animal pics this weekend. They're such willing subjects.

Here's another question...


Time to refocus. I'm enjoying the injection of art into my blog but am beginning to feel that, without the bags and leather at the moment and with the addition of Sunday's "I Heart Macro" feature, things are a little mish-mashed. No real focus. Red flag. So here's where you come in...

What topics do you most love to read about?

Is the current layout aesthetically pleasing and easy to maneuver?
Is there something that you don't like? Such as a feature, design, something about the content, ease of use or...


Photos of goofy pets? No, seriously.

Thanks for your time and help and opinions. They do mean the world to me.


  1. I like the new logo very much and I am now somewhere just beyond jealous! I am opening my Etsy shop as soon as I get some paperwork back from the state. I have a very talented nephew. He owes me. Maybe I should have him make something pretty for me! Seriously, love everything about the logo. And don't change anything with your blog. It is one of my favorite reads. Interesting, lots of photos, and you don't yammer on and on! :)

  2. I love the new logo! Especially the colors you have chosen...they are perfect! I, too, enjoy reading everything on your blog....that's what it is for....varying subects, which I happen to love to read about! as for the layout...it is so profrssional that I can't imagine changes that would make it better..(i know....no help from me!)

  3. "Atheistically" pleasing? *giggles* I've got to say, that's the funniest freudian (or was it the auto correction striking?) typo I have seen in a while. But, don't worry, your blog is easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing, even for us atheists. ;D <3

    I love the logo, but - especially after seeing you beautiful watercolored sketches - I'd definitely say you should replace the current flower design with one of your own. The current one looks a little out of place, like it's been glued on.

    And I enjoy blogs with varying subjects too. =)

  4. GAH! LOLOL Thank you for pointing out that typo. I'm still laughing.

  5. I like the new logo! Love the green ~ totally draws my eye in :)

  6. I love the logo...that chartreuse really pops!

    I like it when you post recipes, and I also liked your fashion ideas from Pinterest.

  7. I just like it here, whether there is a clear pattern or not. I am not one to keep to a strict schedule. So I guess I am unconcerned about the mish mash that you speak of. I am all for new logos (would love a banner of my own that I could have), but I would rather see something that you illustrated yourself. You are a remarkable artist. Why not use that? Just a thought. And you are so much more than just leather and bags, Miss Lori!
    Enjoy the day.

  8. P.S. I am all about goofy pet pictures. I don't have pets so I like to enjoy yours!

  9. Logo looks great. Love the green, black and gray too-very modern. I also like the page format. You have all of the relevant info. without it being too busy. That is due to the clean design, which I really like.

    I love your posts on DIY tutorials and what is going on in your daily life. Covers who you are as an artist and person! I am all for fun pet photos-capturing them in their daily life (this does not include dressing them up in outfits and costumes unless it is Halloween)!

    I also look forward to seeing more of your handbags. I collect handbags (that is what I tell my husband anyway so I can continue buying them and not have to get rid of any!

    You are off to a great start!

  10. The new logo is great but I agree with the comment that you should add your own flower design.
    Aesthetically I think your blog is one of the best. In fact, I have some blog envy there!
    The content is always fresh and I really like that there is a variety of topics. It makes your blog about real life.

  11. What is not to like???

    I even enjoy the I heart macro even though (envious sigh here) I still don't own my dream camera.

    I think a personally drawn floral or swirl would defintely be the way to go. You have amazing talent and your free hand art should be properly displayed on the header.

  12. I love the variety here, keeps it interesting. I love I heart macro even though I haven't participated in awhile, hope it stays. I like the new logo but agree that your own artwork would look better, it sort of ties all your work together, the nature drawings, the macro nature shots, the eco friendly bags, a common thread if you will.

  13. I love it. The colors are great! Great pics of the pets :-D

  14. Love your site! I'm anxious to start some projects. I just purchased a scholastic Singer sewing machine. The man demonstrated and showed that the machine can sew leather, heavy denim, etc. I'm counting on it! I have an old leather jacket that my husband couldn't sell, so I'm going to take a stab out of crafting from it. I'm excited. I don't plan on selling anything; I'd like to gift and keep some. Thanks for your site!

  15. There is a new book coming out in April by Kiera Cass called "The Selection." It has something to do with a Hunger Games twist and is also scheduled to be a show on CW. Check it out in a web search. Kiera went to the same school as my son here in South Carolina, and I Facebook with her Mom. We're all very excited for Kiera.

  16. Hey, if I wanted organization I'd pick up the newspaper. I like to read about things that you find inspiring or make you laugh; because 9 out of 10 times I bet you will make me laugh too. And if you call this mish mash well mish mash it is ;)

    Oh, and the new logo looks great. Especially the limey-yellow color ;)


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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