February 13, 2012

threads of gold - and a dog

I have this calendar which holds all of my weekly plans for you and me. My plan for today was to do this fantabulous recycled leather demonstration. As you well know, sometimes plans change. (said demo will appear later this week)


So today I'm showing you the photos I took yesterday in the maniacal wind. Really, it was a miracle that these babies weren't complete blurs, but I am madly in love with them as they remind me of beautiful golden threads. I hope you enjoy them. I saved the very best for last.



My favorite. Notice she had rolled? She's a fantastic roller.
And she had just spotted something moving...
Sophie, the great hunter.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day - and gorgeous photos!


  2. Great photos. Look like you had a nice sunny day :-D

  3. sat down for afternoon tea.. and thank you Sophie for the light hearted laugh .. needed that about now!!! Great photos!

    happy monday ♦

  4. The weather looks lovely; gorgeous photos!

  5. We get few sunny wind filled days here in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for sharing your pictures!!

  6. Boy, that was a windy day. Still, the pictures are beautiful. Loved seeing the brasses bending with the gusts. Beautiful photography. genie

  7. ahh, love all the golden grasses moving with the wind...beautiful!

  8. Very pretty and beautiful....and Sophie is too!

  9. lovely scenes; looks like Sophie had a grand time of it


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