March 2, 2012

friday bits

Spring has sprung early in Atlanta and within the past couple of days we've seen blooming everywhere.

Oreo, caught in a ray of light...pre nap.

My thrifting find of the week. I'm on a mission to collect at least 5 or 6 of the aged platters.

This is my second.

My first. Love the handles. I'm currently using it as a tray for the large leather ottoman.

Have a wonderful weekend.
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  1. I collect silver pieces. While I wish I could collect sterling, silverplate has to do (other than my sterling flatware). I found a pic on Pinterest with a column of silver trays in a dining room. At last, a way to display my trays (or at least a portion). Collecting silver has nearly become an addiction. It is so hard to find a piece and walk away hence 13 trays, 9 bowls, 7 plates and 14 assorted serving pieces! Enjoy the hunt!!

  2. What lovely photos...I love the one of your kitty! That sunlight shining on him is gorgeous. And your plates are wonderful, too - such character and patina!

  3. I can just imagine how pretty it is there around the Atlanta area, my hometown ~ it's nice to think about since we're still having snow and cold here in Colorado!

  4. Beautiful cat picture! It's nice to see something blooming somewhere, too.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Suzan, I have saved that very same picture and plan to hang my platters as a collection once I accumulate enough.

  6. Love collecting old pieces like this. My husband cringes when I want to stop, so it's more fun to go myself. ;) Has anyone tried the hot water/baking soda/aluminum foil way of cleaning tarnish from silver?


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