March 28, 2012

my sketchbook - birds of a feather

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the early stages of this sketch and I finished it while in Ohio. I hope you like it. But don't fly away, I have a question (or two) for you at the end.








I've had quite a few folks ask if I would consider selling my artwork. To be honest, I would be terribly honored and thrilled. I did a series of limited edition prints in the 90's but at that time it was a long, expensive process. I've heard that it's not as difficult now and prints can be offered at a much lower price point than before.

I would like to know if it's worth diving deeper in to find the best options for offering prints or printable copies. If you'd feel more comfy, please leave an anonymous comment with your opinion. So here goes (I'm kinda scared to ask these questions)...

What's your opinion?
Would you have an interest in actually purchasing prints?

If you have any knowledge of the printing process
or if you've purchased prints in the past...

Please let me know what form of print you received - was it actually mailed or were you given the option to print a high resolution image?

Thank you so, so much for your time and opinions.


  1. Your artwork is stunning and definitely purchaseable. I've never heard of anyone selling digital copies...could be a slippery slope for people to steal.

  2. I actually thought of your header in the middle of the night (ADHD rearing it's ugly head) and tried to put into words why I liked it so much...I came up with - 'Happy' the kind of happy when nothing bad is going on and the world is the way it should be, happy. Your colors are amazing, bright but soft all at the same time. - I think you would have no problem selling your work if there was a way to make it affordable when money is not so easy anymore. - I don't know anything about how to go about it but would think that someone would be interested in your work...I'm thinking that you might even look into wall paper or even printing fabric too..just a thought. xo

  3. Sadly, I think you're probably right, Amie, that it would be difficult to offer a digital print. One bad apple, right?

  4. I have never purchased prints off the internet, but I have purchased them in art stores. I would want an actual print...not a high resolution image, as I would not have the means to print it. I would be very interested in purchasing a print from you. I assume you have spoken with Kelly Wenzel??!!!! If not, I would!!!! PS: love your images shown today!! Your drawing, color choices, scale...everything!

  5. Sherri, thank you so much - that's exactly what I hope. And I, too, wake at 3:00 thinking some of the oddest thoughts. For me it's age. GRRRR.

  6. No doubt about it, you are a talented artist. Your art is definately sellable.

    That said, I would look into how to protect your artwork before putting it on the market. There are some people out there just waiting to make a buck on an artists design, talent and product.

    Prayers for much success in the future!

  7. I think your artwork is lovely and I think many would purchase!

    I have not gone into the printing area yet but I have purchased prints recently and they mailed me a hard copy. I would also be afraid of the digital copy because of theft.

  8. your work is really beautiful. As I haven't purchased anything like that online, not the right one to ask. I do love what you create.

  9. Well, Miss Lori, you KNOW what I think, right? I would definitely sell them as high resolution prints. I know you can find good sources to do that for you. Offer them in a nice protective sleeve (I buy mine from and ship them. I have purchased from many Etsy sellers and I think that your work is much more beautiful and highly prized than something that is just created on a computer. Yours are true works of art! I will be all over your site purchasing them. I would suggest prints (8x10 or 5x7 to fit ready made frames) as well as cards and postcards. Can't wait! I know it will be great!
    Enjoy the day.

  10. I;d love to see you sell your prints,, Id most definitely be interested in buying.

  11. I;d love to see you sell your prints,, Id most definitely be interested in buying.

  12. Wonderful works and blog :)
    -Eva Maria

  13. .. you are being too modest `:o)
    your prints would be a massive hit!!! WoW!

    and you do birds toooo .. WoW!!!!

  14. it´s soooo beautiful! wonderful artwork. people will like it :)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Like others I think you should sell your work as a print. I also think they would be great in a card form. Something standard size to put in ready made frames. Hope you do it!

  17. This post was very ironic...I was at an art center over the weekend and saw some pen & ink drawing for $150 and remember thinking about your drawings and how much better they were! This person only used a black pen and the drawing was maybe 8x10.

    I agree with Erin from Tesori Tovati...high resolution prints would sell well. And I would also suggest looking into local galleries or art centers where they have shows where anyone can submit works. The pieces will be for sale and the folks working there are normally very helpful with pricing. I think you'll do VERY well!

    Good luck!

  18. WHAT can you NOT do, Lori, oh my golly!!!!


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