March 1, 2012

my sketchbook: making lemonade


When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted to learn calligraphy. But I couldn't.


Wanna know why?


It's because I'm left handed and the one calligraphy booklet I owned was, of course, intended for right-handed people. So I made lemonade from lemons.


I studied my book (which I still have - somewhere) and carefully drew the script with markers.


It was by no means perfect.


But over the years I learned to accept that fact and began to love the quality of hand drawn letters.


It is what it is. My most frequently used new phrase.
I like to add this part...

So make it count.

P.S. Next week I'll try to get something besides letters in that sketchbook.


  1. I love your attitude, your letters, and your art! We make the best wiuith what we have, and you have done so beautifully! I loooove it!

  2. I always wanted to do calligraphy too but also have the dreaded 'sinistro' going on..but I didn't know at first that the angle of the pen wouldn't work for me so it was a disire never to be filled. You are a true artist, not letting anything hold you back and so those letters are more beautiful than the 'proper' way..Good for you! xo
    *I hear that they do make pens for us lefties now..Oh, I found a link -

  3. Beautiful! I bought myself a book also on how to do that as well a couple of months ago!

  4. I'm a lefty too! And you obviously learned well because these are beautiful.

  5. Yup it is what it is... My fave of the hour is "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing"

  6. well it hardly matters that you didn't 'learn' calligraphy. You have developed your very own style and I love it. I love the creativity it displays and the fabulous colours you add. It sure looks like fun! And so effective!

  7. ha! me too. I had some calligraphy in school but I could only eek out a B on the projects because it is so difficult to produce the correct angle left handed....that would be AFTER I had to redo it several times because my hand would get in the way smearing ink!!!!

    I've worked really hard over the years to have beautiful handwriting, whether it is correct or not....It is interesting that there is a "switch" that I can turn off and go right back to my scrawliness which after so long isn't actually that bad ;)

  8. How can you say that you will have more than letters in that sketch? What I see should be framed and hung on a wall! This is just beautiful...and I love that saying, as well!

  9. Very pretty. Great job and great philosophical sayings.

  10. Great message! I love lettering and yours is beautiful.

  11. I love calligraphy. I studied it in h.s. and do it as an amateur with my own invented alphabets for various people and organizations. I think that you fulfilled that dream for certain! If you ever decide to make your sketchbook prints available for sale, I will buy them! I want to have a piece of art on my wall for each word that I pick yearly. I have not found the right art as of yet for any of them, so I am a bit behind! If you would be interested in creating something custom for me for one of my words, let's talk! I would love to commission you to make me something to frame for my studio.
    Enjoy the day!

  12. Ohhh I'm in love with these letters... You have a lovely talent... Truly lovely.
    What a very pretty page for your journal.
    Jennie. X

  13. This is some SERIOUSLY great art. I love it. Is there anything you dont do?? :)


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