March 21, 2012

my sketchbook

Living away from my full-time home is surprisingly busy. I brought lots of linen, embroidery thread and just enough leather to play with new pouches and clutches.


I've assembled a rag tag team of thrift store frames in black, silver and gray for cheap, easy apartment wall decor. Planning to display black & white family photos - more to follow.

And, from my sketchbook...

IMG_2253's all about birds - birds of a feather.






Finished product later this week.

Oh, and happy spring! Ohio is downright balmy!
Flat and balmy. :)


  1. I'm just catching up with your blog. You look very at home with your temporary space! I love sketch, and can't wait to see the rest.

  2. I just love seeing what is happening in your creative world. Those frames are great, and the sketchbook... swoon! Every time I see a post from you I have to rush right over and see!
    Enjoy the day, Miss Lori!

  3. The colors of the bird are so rich! Enjoy the beautiful weather.

  4. I love seeing your sketches,, the bird is beautiful.. such vibrant colors.

  5. I've been off-line so long I had no idea you are 'someplace else'?? Love the bird and the beautiful detail in the front... just wonderful!

  6. Love your drawings... Always so wonderfully happy and colorful. I really enjoy seeing them.. And I am just really in to birds lately! Are you thinking of selling them in your shop or is this purely artistic release and inspiration for the moment?
    Great buy on the frames.


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