March 30, 2012

tgif and just in case

Since returning to Atlanta early in the week, I haven't even allowed myself time in the studio. Truly, my young adult, college attending kiddos do a fabulous job of house-minding. Cleaning is another story. Oh. My. Gosh.

AND I'm allowing no time for fun-ness because I'm on a seriously, procrastinated induced path to finishing the taxes. So not left brained. So distracted with every beat of my heart.

So, just in case you (like me) need a little chuckle, a little (just a little) pick-me-up as the week winds down, I give you this lovely little watercolor print, given to me by dear friends. Apparently, they immediately thought of me when they saw it. Anyway...


"Same sheet - different day!"

Have a grand Friday and an even grander weekend.


  1. How cute !!! You have a 'Grander' weekend too!

  2. Nice pictures especially the last one.

  3. Taxes, aarrgghh.

    I know you SHOULD not SPEND any TIME IN your STUDIO. An HOUR OR TWO would just not work out at all. Hope my non SUBLIMINAL message does HELP YOU decide WHAT TO DO (and maybe put a smile on your face.


  4. Here's hoping you get finished up with all that other. . .nonsense and can get to the task of creating again real soon!!
    That watercolor is too cute for words! Love it.


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