April 19, 2012

handbag sneak peek

Two things.  First, there's a chance I'll be website tweaking this weekend which could affect this blog. Rest assured, things will run smoothly once set into place.  In the meantime, if the blog is floating into the stratosphere, feel free to check my Facebook page for shop updates.

Second, a sneak peek at new spring/summer totes coming to the shop tomorrow evening.  I have two basic styles with two different fabric choices. Two of the ikat styled bag and four in the pale linen.  There will be slight variations with each bag.  I'm showing you four here today.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories
The larger tote in blue & cream ikat styled cotton and recycled brown leather
shown with the small artist's pouch

studio waterstone handbags & accessories
This larger sized tote has a wider depth (5") to accomodate more of your goodies.
Shown here with the iPad case.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories
The same larger tote with a pale grayish blue, cream, and light brown linen and recycled brown leather.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

studio waterstone handbags & accessories
While still generously sized, this tote is similar in dimensions to this sold version
and is shown with the small artist's pouch.

studio waterstone handbags & accessories

studio waterstone handbags & accessories
The same style tote shown in linen and brown recycled leather.

As stated, I'm hoping to have the other two finished and the shop updated by tomorrow evening.

Have a restful evening, a fantastic Friday, and a wonderfully memorable weekend.
Me?  My honey is in town for a long weekend. Happy Happy.


  1. Oooooooooh. I love the second one best. Or is it better if I don't lay out all my cards and say what I really feel? Happy dance for you and hubby! Smooch him up! Enjoy the day.

  2. I am in love with the second bag, will it be getting a matching ipad cover by any chance :-D

  3. Oh the pale grayish is Devine!

    Waiting to hear back from several job aps; hope I hear back before the bags are sold they would make the perfect "on call" sachels. And there is an iPad on my list so a matching case.... Sweet.

  4. I love everything that's blue!!! would love to have all of these :D

  5. Gorgeous as always! I love the blue/brown pairing. Enjoy your weekend.


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